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How can i get rid of acne scars?

i have a few scars on my cheeks from acne when i was a really small child. i have never been able to get rid of them, what can i do?

(my acne is better now, its just the scars) their small indentations.. what can i do?

thanks so much!How can i get rid of acne scars?
If you are referring to light scarring from acne, go see a dermatologist and get a prescription for a topical treatment. For example, Retin-A promotes cell turnover and can help stimulate collagen production.

If the scarring is a little deeper, a doctor can advise you on ways to minimize it and inform you of your options. (ex. dermabrasion or laser treatments)

A good dermatologist will help you find what is right for you.

Please do not waste your time or money on over the counter products or non-medical treatment. See a doctor first, your skin and your wallet will thank you in the long run.How can i get rid of acne scars?
Vitamin E oil or cream can be applied to the skin in the affected areas, every day .The cream should be applied overnight. Aloe Vera gel and fresh lemon juice can be applied to the scars, so that they fade quickly. You can find more cheap and natural remedies for stretch marks or scars at the link below.
You might be surprised, but the only thing that works on acne scars are tears. When you cry, smooth your tears over the problem area ( make sure it's free of makeup). Don't try to smooth it over the entire face, just one small area at a time. The more times you will do that, the smoother and firmer that area of your skin will become. Leave it on overnight. Tears have an incredible property to renew skin.

DON'T ever consider microdermabrasions or lasers, they will only destroy layers of your skin, do nothing for the scars, and make the overall appearance of your skin far worse.
Find some home remedies for acne
Use either fade cream or makeup that is for your skin type, dry or oily.
I don't think you can bar cosmetic surgery. Small imperfections in your complexion are minor; don't sweat the small stuff.
Use an exfoliator like St.Ives Apricot scrub thrice a week.Then use mud masks.Then good moisturizer will help.(you could also use Mederma from Walgreens anti scar cream)
I have acne scars on my cheek....and when i pop ugly pimples on my forehead also i get scars........what REALLY healps the scars is petroleum jelly,..when i pop the pimple,,,or have the scars...i put a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the scar, and put 2 sheets of paper towel on my pillow and to sleep, wash my face the next morning and the scar goes away,,,,especially if it a scab from my popping the pimple,...and to get rid of other scars that are already there,...keep doing that..and every morning when you wash your'll see it lighten up more and more,..

hope that helped

Lotions usually do they job since they even out skin tones. I think that a daily routine of applying lotion should work out for you. However, you must be patient, it's not an overnight process. However, in the long run it'll work. If you want to choose a scar solution i think that you should go with the most popular brand for ointments... neosporin.鈥?/a>
I think Treadstone gave the very best advice here. I speak from experience as I myself have had to treat acne scars. I use retin-a at .1% and it helps the exfoliate the outer layers of your skin and promote the production of collagen, which helps minimize the scars. I have been using for 8 weeks now and see a huge difference.

Tears won't work, that is bs, and microdermabrasion won't ruin your skin, in fact you will come out with a more smooth and even complexion. It is well worth the money. The only thing is you will be slightly red for about a day.

Definately listen to Treadstone and talk to a dermatologist.

Good luck.
try scarzone w/green tea extract its a topical scar diminishing cream

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