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Will a chemical peel get rid of light acne scars and wrinkles?

I have very small light acne scars, nothing like Brad Pitt, and I see some potential wrinkles wanting to form on my forehead. If I get a chemical peel would this help or not make a difference? If not, any other facial treatments I could try?Will a chemical peel get rid of light acne scars and wrinkles?
Will not be beneficial for wrinkles and there are safer, truly effective, low cost, natural ways to get rid of scars and greatly minimize wrinkles. (You can confirm with searches on ANSWERS.COM

'';Chemical peel for wrinkles'; %26amp; '; Chemical peel treatment risks'; )

They have helped many on Answers. I can send you testimonials if you I had pronounced scars from childhood accidents, light acne scars, pigmentation and freckles and this one treatment got rid of them all and gave me a healthy, virtually blemish free skin and also greatly diminished lines and wrinkles. It greatly and quickly reduced pronounced vertical frown lines between eye brows and also crows feet.

Basically, it is quite vigorous massaging using essential oils - I have had great success with olive and almond. To do you first tighten face by partially opening mouth, pulling lips firmly back against teeth - tightens most of face. Then do a fast forward and back massage with front and tips of fingers - a circular massage is not effective. The massaging friction rubs them away

As skin adjusts build up to 20 min daily massage(can be in two or more sessions) and you will see clear, fast result in as little as a week depending on how vigorous/how long you massage.

See my many other answers for more detailed massaging info. on wrinkle and scar removal.

SOURCE(S): 20 + years research, experimentation - safe natural treatments/cures for skin conditions and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments ..Will a chemical peel get rid of light acne scars and wrinkles?
I don't think you'd need a full chemical peel. Most spas will add a ';mini'; peel onto a facial treatment, that just gets rid of the first couple layers of skin. My friend did this every 8 weeks for about a year and it really turned out well! (she had very deep acne scars and discoloration)

The full peels are quite painful and take a long time to heal. You can just carry on your normal life with a mini-peel. Or maybe look into micro-dermabraision.
TCA--%26gt; buy it on ebay and do it yourself, it's totally safe and way cheaper. get 100% and dilute it with water to say... 25%, do a spot test with different concentrations and see which you prefer. REMEMBER eye area = VERY LOW CONCENTRATION.
Salicylic acid is a mild acid that works as a keratolytic agent — it encourages the sloughing of dead skin cells
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