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How do i make acne scars fade and dissapear really quick. And how do i lighten my skin tone?

if you popped a pimple and like two days later its a scar, that seems like it wont go away how do you make it go away really quick? How do you lighten your skin tone back to its original color? i have been getting even more tan every summer and i want my old skin tone back!How do i make acne scars fade and dissapear really quick. And how do i lighten my skin tone?
Graded cucumber ,a little potato juice or lemon juice and fuller's earth mixed together makes and excellent anti-tan pack .U can even massage with olive oil (few drops )regularly before shower for acne scars to fade off .

http://care4fitness.comHow do i make acne scars fade and dissapear really quick. And how do i lighten my skin tone?
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Some acne scars don't go away...ever!! Depending how severe they are.

But I know what you mean about popping a pimple and the mark stays there for a while. There isn't any way of removing it. Just don't pick at it because it will get worse.

You can put a cream on it when the pimple is new to prevent it from getting bigger and try to avoid the temptation of squeezing!!! Try clean and clear, proactiv, or chemist products.
acne scars will take a while to fade. I use derma E. 2x a day and massage for a few minutes,
Well, I usually use ';Head-On'; for scars. It usually works pretty quickly. Also, for the skin tones, you could use CoverGirl foundation unless you are a guy then I would suggest not getting in the sun as much. I hope that helps.
problem with lightening skin and reducing acne scar?

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How do you know if you have acne scars ?

What are acne scars supposed to look like ? I am 18 yrs old male and i've been getting acne since i was 14. They come and go but now i got a new bunch of acne cluster on my left side of face. It's like smooth, red and on the skin. How do you what acne scars are, and does shaving make it worse ?How do you know if you have acne scars ?
shaving does irritate it. but scars r jus when u dont have acne but the skin is still red in spots an i looks like its got little dips in it
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  • What is the best way to treat acne scars?

    Your help is much appreciated! Thank you to all!What is the best way to treat acne scars?
    Go see a dermatologist, i'm sure they can lead you in the right direction. There are procedures out there that will help.What is the best way to treat acne scars?
    Is there a Wal-Mart where you live? If so they have scar remover with the brand name Acne-Free I believe. I've heard that works.
    vitamin E, olive oil....Biotherm.
    scars can be treated by your dermatologist using different treatments. Before proceeding for scar treatment, you have to discuss your feelings about the scars with your doctor. The cost involved may also play a role in choosing the treatment. What results you desire is the third factor. The severity of the scar, the location and type of treatments that can be done are other factors that have to be used to treat acne scars. The common treatments for acne scars are- collagen treatment, laser treatment, dremabrasion, microdermabrasion, skin surgery, skin grafting etc. Keloids may be left untreated if it is felt that treatment will form further keloids. Injecting with steroid injections may also treat keloids.鈥?/a>
    Seek professional help using laser treatment. Fastest but may not be the cheapest.
    Take Vitamin E cream or take garlic and vitamin E vitamin A and Garlic capsules for about 6 months.

    Take something called MSM if you are in UK go to holland and barrett and they will be there, for about 拢21.99 for about 240 tablets, I took them and my skin is perfect. Take them for about 6 months, (buy two packs) then once the MSM tablets are finished take garlic and vitamin A for a while.

    The MSM and garlic are blood purifiers, the rep told me that you need to start from internally.

    Make sure you look after your skin externally as well, like cleansing moisturing, dont dry out the skin, as it needs moisture. Cleanse twice a day, morning and night.. uses Palmers Deep Cleansing Facial Astringent, once you wash your face, you will suprised to see the amount of dirt that comes off.

    I really wish I had a before and after picture I had really bad acne scars, they were black, thats how bad it was!

    I have not taken the MSM tablets for a year and they have not come back. I just cleanse my skin religiously.
    Okay, when i first heard it I thought yikes too, but it works.Products with snailslyme. In Europe we have a product called Celltone. My colleague used it and I've seen it work on her.

    It contains Alantoine, which heals tissue. Snail use it to fix there houses when cracked.

    I'm not sure you can have access to it,but I hope so.
    There is this oil called Bio-Oil. It is specially formulated to remove scars. I use it for my stretchmarks. It is pretty cheap to. $15 over here in Australia.
    Eat lots of fruit and veg's (especially fruit and veg with high levels of zinc).
    Acne scar treatment鈥?/a>
    drink lots of water on a regular basis. there are products at cvs for scarring at cvs

    What is a good (home) remedy for acne scars?

    I've finally gotten the outbreaks under control, but I still have a lot of scars. Is there anything I can do at home to try to minimize the appearance of them? Or an inexpensive product. I'm on a student budget!! :PWhat is a good (home) remedy for acne scars?
    Try using ST IVES APRICOT SCRUB for oily,acne prone skin,blackheads/blemishes this is a great deep cleaning exfoliator that gets down under the skin it will definetley help prevent future breakouts great for pores and blackheads ive had major problems with acne for almost 7 years and i have tried everything (no exaggeration) and st ives has by far worked the best for me and its only $3 cant beat that my skin has never behaved so well!!! lol Exfoliation is great for removing dead skin cells which will remove red marks and acne scars

    I use lemon juice with a cotton ball once daily great for acne acne scars oily skin and blackheads

    Smear Vitamin E Oil Caplets on the scarred area.

    Smear some tea tree oil on the scar to help it heal faster.

    Put 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball and apply on scar.

    Blanch green tea, soak a cotton ball and apply on the scar to help it heal.

    Mix Aloe Vera and vitamin E gel caplets and apply to the scar.

    Rub honey on the scar as often as you can to make it heal.

    Smear any oil on the scar and massage to help it heal.

    Rub some olive oil on scars 2-3 times a day.

    For acne scars: Mix 1 tablespoon of sour cream ( 0% fat for oily face), 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of grind oatmeal and 3-4 drops of lemon juice. Apply on face, leave for 10 minutes and wash off.

    Any form of vitamin a such as gel capsules or retina aWhat is a good (home) remedy for acne scars?
    just buy tea tree oil and apply on ur cost abt 16bucks...u can also use dainty all in one collagen mask which helps to reduce scars frm sg website at 88db which cost 2buck ,cheaper than sasa...u can also use skinlitte cucumber mask frm sasa which cost 2 buck only which helps to reduce scar..
    Directly rub potato slices all over the face and wash after 30 minutes this when done regularly , helps to get rid of acne, blemishes and pimple scar. Check out for more useful info.

    How do I get rid of old acne scars?

    My face looks like a pizza and I tried every remedy there is . Is there a solution?How do I get rid of old acne scars?
    As you say, acne leaves scars and scars are ';suppossed'; to be there forever! But, in my personal experience, there is something that has helped a lot for surgery scars (I've had a c-section and a kidney surgery) and for old acne too. Of course, keep in mind that not all skins are alike and everyone heals differently.

    Buy good vitamin E capsules, and good aloe vera gel (if you can find a good piece of the aloe vera plant, even better to extract the gel) and honey. The sugar in the honey has miraculous skin healing properties. Mix 1-2 capsules with the aloe vera and about 1 teaspoon honey, and make a mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes while watching tv or relaxing in bed, then wash off with a good soap for the face like Aveeno Bar or any soap with vitamin E. Do this at least once a day.

    Very old or deep scars might not completely heal, but you should see an inprovement overall.How do I get rid of old acne scars?
    coco butter soap,and lotion used daily should help out.
    apart from laser treatment, possibly nothing. they may fade or die down a bit in years to come, but you can try makeup!
    PROACTIVE jessica simpson used it. and if that no work make a face mask!

    How do I tell if I have acne scars?

    I have had acne since about 8th grade and I am now 19. The acne isn't as bad as it has been in the past, however it looks like I have more than I really do. You see there a just a couple of areas on my face that have surface acne, but the remaining areas are under the skin. Some are red and some are a darker color. Can anyone tell me if these are scars or just under the skin acne? If they are scars, what can I do about it?How do I tell if I have acne scars?
    Maybe they are post acne marks..

    u can use

    Neutrogena's facial peel mask for post acne marks..proven to visibly lessen them in one mask!

    But there is a difference between scars and post acne tho!

    if they are scars, they should be darker and prolly been picked at so if u remember if u picked that part of ur face then its prolly a scar..i kno that sux..

    there are a bunch of remedies besides surgery

    some say

    vitamin E capsules

    cocoa butter

    MedermaHow do I tell if I have acne scars?
    You won't! Let your doctor answer this question!
    if it is a dark area of the skin them that's is a scar the redness means that the skin is is irritated

    also you cant make scars go away but you can make them less notice able by using a cream that's tones the scar down and help even out you skin color

    How did you get rid of your acne scars/pock marks?

    I have mild acne scarring that is just in the developing stages, what procedures/ creams can cure these? Preferably answered by those who used to have acne scars but got rid of them.How did you get rid of your acne scars/pock marks?
    Natural remedies are every bit as effective in combating acne as lotions and the like. I'm past the acne stage myself, now, but if I had my time again I would use acupressure exercises, which can easily double the effectiveness of any other kind of remedy you are using.

    Acupressure is like acupuncture but without the needles. I've used it for various other complaints like headaches and tension and it's very effective.

    If you feel the back of your neck just half an inch below the base of your skull, then about half an inch out on either side you'll find a set of ropey muscles. Pressing in these two points relieves the kind of stress that causes acne and is in fact beneficial for your health in several other ways as well.

    I find an excellent way to do this exercise is to grasp the back of the neck with one hand and use all your fingers on one side and the heel of your hand on the other. Firmly squeeze the neck muscles. This exercise encourages blood flow to the head and gives you a terrific sense of well being.

    Do try it. It should help a great deal. There are further exercises with diagrams described in the free resource listed.

    Good luck.

    PhilipHow did you get rid of your acne scars/pock marks?
    I think it is better to use natural remedies, because they have not side effects

    Try to use orange peel : apply it on affected areas.

    Apply lemon juice on affected areas

    Use fenugreek leaves

    good luck
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