Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can a doctor give me medicine for acne scars that'll work?

I keep reading that they might give you some cream or pills,

but that they don't decrease the appearance of scars.

So really, what's the point in going?Can a doctor give me medicine for acne scars that'll work?
there are other things that you can do to fix the problem. if you go see a dermatologist, he is very likely to put you on some cream, or pills or something like that. it may seem like they never give you anything that works, because everybody's body reacts differently to meds. and it may just take a long time to find the right one for you. but if you are worried about scarring, i suggest you go to walgreens, target, walmart, etc... and pick up some mederma. it works great on scars. old or new ones. and its a lot less stressful than seeing a doctor, and doing the whole trial and error proccess.Can a doctor give me medicine for acne scars that'll work?
Most medicines that GPs prescribe rarely help in my experience.

See a dermatologist - a specialist suited to treat skin conditions. He'll probably suggest dermabrasion or fraxel lasering (they sound worse than they really are) which seem to be the BEST methods of clearing acne scarring. The sessions are abit pricey and you have to go in for a few treatments but it is DEFINETLY worth it!

So much better than anything a GP could prescribe.

Even though these treatments are a little pricey, it is better to fix your problem in one solution as opposed to spending thousands of dollars over an extended period of time searching for solutions that won't work and will end up wasting your time AND money.

Visit a dermatologist, I swear it's the best thing to do!

Good luck.
Ya. Well it's kinda like a medicine. It's called retinol, a certified estitician will give you it. It lightens up scars from pimple and will make them go away.

(sorry i dont really know how to spell estitition)

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