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Does tanning in a tanning bed help clear acne and acne scars?

Has anyone ever tried this and if they have how long did you tan for and how long did it take. Also did you use a high sunblock or anything?Does tanning in a tanning bed help clear acne and acne scars?
Yes, tanning helps acne but it won't help your scars. If anything it would make scars worse if you don't protect them. It took me about 4 weeks of tanning to see acne results, but it really helped dry up acne on my face and chest. If you exfoliate your face regularly, you can help the scarring, just make sure to wear a moisurizer on the scars while you tan and after. It sounds strange, but acne forms sometimes because you don't use moisturizer on your skin and it over produces its own oil because of it. I did not use a sunblock because I didn't see the point in tanning and using sunblock. But I never use high pressure beds, just the standard without face lamps or facial tanners. The facial tanners will really make you look old if you use them. Stick to the low pressure standard beds and you will have good luck.Does tanning in a tanning bed help clear acne and acne scars?
Tanning dries out the oils on your face so this may clear up acne. Scars, though, are more likely to get worse and appear redder. Sunblock, unless otherwise specified, is oily and can worsen acne.

--Don't tan; It's bad!
NO you will have to try something else
Tanning beds do not clear acne. Tanning beds dry out your skin, causing your skin to produce more oils. The excess oils, clogs mores and causes more acne.

I don't know why people say it doesn't because i swear to god it does!

Tanning is the ONLY thing that has actually helped my acne

I get way less breakouts and i know for a fact it is 100% because of the heat from the tanning bed

because i haven't used any new products or anything

I used to think tanning beds was the only ';cure'; for the acne on my face, chest and back. Then I tried an infrared sauna.....much much much much safer and just as effective. It is different from a regular sauna because it uses plain old heat. It sweats your pores out and cleanses them. Wonderful thing. 30 minutes in that about 3 days a week, and I never have a problem with acne. Plus, it is included in my gym membership.

Tanning beds may help your acne in the short term. In the long term, worse case, you will end up with skin cancer. Or wrinkles or age spots long before you should even be thinking about those things. Plus, when you stop using the tanning bed, the acne comes back with a force.
Do not use solariums i am 28 years old and had exactly the same theory. I have been through 4 year sof intence chemotherapy for a skin Cancer on my stomach. It is not worth it. Try microdermabrasion instead. That clears up acne and scars with other health risks. I only have a 30% chance of being alive in the next 5 years because of those things. DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU AT ALL.
You should tan for 5 minutes everyday. I know it doesn't sound like much but if you tan to much it will actually make it harder for your skin to repair itself. Your face will clear up in a week to a week and a half. Also you should use sunblock according to your skin tone ex. a lower spf for dark skin and a higher spf for fair skin prone to burning. Be careful not to clog your pores with the sunblock though. You can get some thats made for sensitive skin and will be less oily.
yes tanning helped my acne after a couple of weeks I started to see a difference. you have to start slowly or you will burn. when you are tanning, you have to use lotions for indoors. any outdoor lotion in a tanning bed will make you burn. every salon has different beds and booths that you go in for different times. also, if they bulbs arent changed when they should be, it takes longer to time.

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