Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How did you get rid of your acne scars/pock marks?

I have mild acne scarring that is just in the developing stages, what procedures/ creams can cure these? Preferably answered by those who used to have acne scars but got rid of them.How did you get rid of your acne scars/pock marks?
Natural remedies are every bit as effective in combating acne as lotions and the like. I'm past the acne stage myself, now, but if I had my time again I would use acupressure exercises, which can easily double the effectiveness of any other kind of remedy you are using.

Acupressure is like acupuncture but without the needles. I've used it for various other complaints like headaches and tension and it's very effective.

If you feel the back of your neck just half an inch below the base of your skull, then about half an inch out on either side you'll find a set of ropey muscles. Pressing in these two points relieves the kind of stress that causes acne and is in fact beneficial for your health in several other ways as well.

I find an excellent way to do this exercise is to grasp the back of the neck with one hand and use all your fingers on one side and the heel of your hand on the other. Firmly squeeze the neck muscles. This exercise encourages blood flow to the head and gives you a terrific sense of well being.

Do try it. It should help a great deal. There are further exercises with diagrams described in the free resource listed.

Good luck.

PhilipHow did you get rid of your acne scars/pock marks?
I think it is better to use natural remedies, because they have not side effects

Try to use orange peel : apply it on affected areas.

Apply lemon juice on affected areas

Use fenugreek leaves

good luck

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