Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do i get rid of dark acne scars?

i have a few dark acne scars and i want to get rid of them to make my skin look flawless. how do i do this in like a week! please tell me something that you know for sure works and not something you've heard of. Thanks!How do i get rid of dark acne scars?
you can either put on hydrocortisone cream which will take a couple of days concealer %26amp;%26amp; foundation if you need it in a hurry. How do i get rid of dark acne scars?
try something organic. There are many herbs out there that help with this issue. I get my products at rose mountain herbs.
solution: black licorce mild skin lightening soap and/or dermaline skin whitening cream for dark skin spots.

it's safe without the harmful effects of hydroquinone, mercury or steroid.

hydro cortisone is truly like a cure all for most skin problems. However, be aware that this is a topical steroid and your body produces it as well. If you constantly use it for extended periods of time in an area, your body may stop producing it naturally which may complicate your life even more.
It depends person to person but in my experience, if you eat alot of junk then you will look that was because when your body burns off those toxins it seeps through the skin and clogs pores, but when you do exchange that bag of chips for a couple of apples remember the body takes time to repair itself so give it time at least 3 weeks, also you can try over the counter products like ACNE-FREE some stores sell it for $15.00 but even then it is not an overnight miracle you have to give it time to work. Good Luck
try some tips from here鈥?/a>

handheld microdermabrasion kit is best to use.
Topical steriods can help, but they can elevate your eye pressures a lot and cause glaucoma, so should not be taken for long periods.

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