Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is there any kind of medicine that gets rid of acne scars?

i want to get rid of mine. and i really need to find out what kind of medicine will take out my acne scars.Is there any kind of medicine that gets rid of acne scars?
Get a prescription of Tetracycline. Its an antibiotic but is really great for acne.Is there any kind of medicine that gets rid of acne scars?
u should get laser
try a light abrasive scrub and facial scrub and do this everytime you cleanse and over time they will fade and be less noticible or if you can afford get laser treatments and this is quick a little painful but VERY effective and permenent
You have to do chemical peels and maybe a photo facial
a scar is a scar and if something will heal one it should heal another. try vitamin E creams or pills... they cleared up a scar i had from surgery... amazing results.
There's plenty of over the counter cures, but you need to follow a hygiene routine as well to get the best results. Visit for a lot of useful information about acne products and methods to help.
dont know about any medicines but i know that palmers cocoa butter help to fade away the scars and help bring the natural skin color back.
How to treat acne scar

There are times when acne can end up with scars, especially on the face. To opt for a cosmetic procedure, ensure that your face is free of active acnes and since this procedure varies from case to case, a consultation with your dermatologist and/or your cosmetic surgeon will help as he will be able to provide you with the options which will suit you best.

Removal of acne scars is a fine and delicate procedure and might just require a combination of procedures which are mentioned below. Do in depth research of the cosmetic surgeon whom you wish to get operated by. Make sure all the questions you have, are answered before you take the final step, such as what is his status in the field he specializes? Judge the results by viewing before and after photographs of previous cases as well as refer the testimonials of previous patients. These and many more queries that you may harbor must be duly solved before you finalize the procedure for your acne scars.
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