Sunday, April 25, 2010

How do I tell if I have acne scars?

I have had acne since about 8th grade and I am now 19. The acne isn't as bad as it has been in the past, however it looks like I have more than I really do. You see there a just a couple of areas on my face that have surface acne, but the remaining areas are under the skin. Some are red and some are a darker color. Can anyone tell me if these are scars or just under the skin acne? If they are scars, what can I do about it?How do I tell if I have acne scars?
Maybe they are post acne marks..

u can use

Neutrogena's facial peel mask for post acne marks..proven to visibly lessen them in one mask!

But there is a difference between scars and post acne tho!

if they are scars, they should be darker and prolly been picked at so if u remember if u picked that part of ur face then its prolly a scar..i kno that sux..

there are a bunch of remedies besides surgery

some say

vitamin E capsules

cocoa butter

MedermaHow do I tell if I have acne scars?
You won't! Let your doctor answer this question!
if it is a dark area of the skin them that's is a scar the redness means that the skin is is irritated

also you cant make scars go away but you can make them less notice able by using a cream that's tones the scar down and help even out you skin color
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