Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's the best way to get rid of acne scars?

Everytime I get a zit I pop it, I know thats bad for your skin, and now I have scars. Now that i've found ways to reduce acne, which the toothpaste remedy amazingly works, how do I get rid of these acne scars without spending a fortion???What's the best way to get rid of acne scars?
take glycolic light skin peelsWhat's the best way to get rid of acne scars?
I would try using Paula's Choice Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion if your scars are more like discoloration rather than actual scar tissue. Also, a daily Alpha Hydroxy Acid exfoliant does wonders for your skin. Try Paula's Choice 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Gel.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Also, chemical peels are an option if you become knowledgeable about them before going for any type of procedure...kind of pricey, though. Some type of micro-demabrasion (either at a salon or one of those home kits) would work too, to stimulate skin cell renewal.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
You may use ultrasound equipment along with some moist cream
go see a dermatologist. they can prescribe you something.
see a dermatologist get some advice or go get a facial treatment...they can tell what you have been doing and then tell you how what products to use for best results
mederma for scars.

14 dollars at most drugstores.
Microdermabrasion and peels work great. They can be pricey. If you live near any beauty school check their prices. Most are cheap since its performed by students. Make sure there is an instructor there also.
try maderma scar removal, its a lotion for your face, or anywhere that help reduce the aooearance of a scar or make it go away. I think that if that doesnt work then they wont go away, you have to try not to pop, or pick your pimples.
dermatologist. i went to him and seriously now my skin in flawless, i didnt have much acne but i did have lots of scars from acne so he prescribed me something and now i loveeeee my skin. it wasnt that expensive either. less than a 100 bucks, which is relly goos for me.
As someone who used to suffer from acne, and is now paying for it, I understand your situation. There is a creme called Mederma, it is at the drugstore. It is cheap and you can even use the generic version. If that doesn't work try a vitamin E oil. Both of those things are used for scars in doctors' offices, and acne does leave scars.

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