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Is there anything you can buy to get rid of acne scars?

Is there anything that gets rid of scars? Or at least makes them less visible?Is there anything you can buy to get rid of acne scars?
Remedies For Reducing Acne Scars

* Apply aloe vera (gel or juice) to heal (and prevent) acne scars. Be careful when you choose your brand because most claim pure organic material. One good brand is Fruit of the Earth. If there's hyperpigmentation, aloe vera can take time to fade them.

* Rosehip seed oil is another option that can work for you. It can regenerate new skin and fade the skin discoloration caused by acne scarring. Take time to massage onto scars twice daily.

* Lavender oil is also used to promote new cell regeneration to improve acne scars. Gently massage onto affected area.

* Topical skin lightening creams give the fastest results, and can inhibit and get rid of the melanin content that causes the hyperpigmentation.Is there anything you can buy to get rid of acne scars?
I don't have acne, but I have scars from when I used to. I recently came across some articles about apple cider vinegar being an amazing cure for both acne and the scars it leaves behind. All you have to do is mix one part ACV with two parts water and apply it to your face as a toner twice a day. Also, you should drink 8 glasses of water a day with a tablespoon of lemon mixed in. This is supposed to help acne as well. My aunt used to have acne, and she started drinking lemon + water to lose weight and it also cured her skin. You can also drink water+ honey+ lemon juice to clear up your skin. Also, you can use ACV when steaming your skin. Just boil water and give yourself a facial steam after putting ACV in the water. I've heard the results are fast and amazing. Just google apple cider vinegar for acne scars and you will get a ton of hits. Hope that helps!
Yes there are many products you can buy! The scars are not permanent at all they do eventaully fade but to help the process there many creams.

I personally use a cream called Vita-K its specially formulated for ance scars and it has a gaurentee that if it doesn't work you can sent it back and get your money refunded but believe me it works!
Don't waste your money on so-called ';scar-vanishing'; products. Invest in a good foundation. I have a couple of acne scars and have recently bought Max Factor's Miracle Touch foundation. If you get the perfect skin tone match then it's excellent.

Max Factor should pay me advertising revenue. I'm recommending that stuff to everyone.
Yes there is something you can do. As long as they are scars and not pitts.

The best products that I have found are brand new and created by the doctors that created Proactiv solutions.

They have prescription medication and botatincals in them for amazing results.

They offer 100% money back guarantee.

If you would like information on how to get the products please feel free to contact me at

Hope this helps
yes, you can get rid of acne scars, just check out the product ';Acne free in 3 days'; i m sure it will help you out, or else u can also check the reviews on this on the net which is very good.鈥?/a>
No, you can't. The scars there for permanent.
I have the same problem i just put coverup on them and then put some type of face lotion after it usualy helps me
u can wear make up over ur scars to make them less visible. but if u dont want to, they are scars so they're there forever

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