Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is a GREAT product to remove ACNE SCARS FAST?

I really need your help to help me find a DRUGSTORE product the removes ACNE SCARS as quick as possible. I have a lot from picking at zits and stuff on my face, so.. I want it CHEAP too please :) No rude comments; HONEST answers please.

Thanks guys.What is a GREAT product to remove ACNE SCARS FAST?
It really depends on your acne scars and your skin type.

Also the word cheap is very relative... I might consider cheap in the 25-50 range where as someone else might consider it in under $200...

But I will attempt to try to answer as best as possible so here it goes:

The only real way that you can reduce acne scaring is laser. This is probably also the most expensive treatment out there which usually sets you back a thousand if not more.

Every other thing is basically a hit and miss. You will hear mixed reviews about all of them. So you basically have to try them your self.

If you are looking for an over the counter cream to help reduce scaring the two big ones are Medarma and Zenmed.

I personally would recommend Zenmed as I have heard better reviews about it and also it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.鈥?/a>

Your alternative to a cream would be home remedies, you can find a lot of them online and once again you have to try a few to see which one actually helps you the most.

Here are a few that should get you started:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

and a video is always nice:鈥?/a>

And by the way, non of these are overnight solutions. The creams you will probably have to use 3-6 weeks to see results and for the home remedies once again you will hvae to use 2-4 weeks to see any results.

Good luck,

MWhat is a GREAT product to remove ACNE SCARS FAST?
mederma is supposed to help. but really, the scars will fade as long as you make sure to put sunscreen on your face everyday. use a moisturizer with built in spf because the sun will make scars darker and permanent.
try neosporin

hope that helps
none -see your dermatologist %26amp; plastic surgeon.

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