Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do acne scars make men less attractive to women?

I have an acne scar on my cheek that looks like a scar from a deep cut (it's not very big though) and I am super self conscious about it. Would it make me less attractive?Do acne scars make men less attractive to women?
From personal experience, I can tell you that my whole face is riddled with acne scars. My advice, which is what I do, is to wear cover up over them. If you meet a girl, you can initially attract her (physically) with your cover up on. After she gets to know you more, you can show her what you look like without the cover up and she shouldn't care.Do acne scars make men less attractive to women?
if some 1 likes u ur face cud look like a sack of sh1t and it won't matter if sum 1 don't like u because u have a acne scar their not really worth the bother no 1's perfect their r ppl with 75% burns to their body and they have good relationships u make things worst by drawing attention to it others may see it and not give it a second thought but notice u do now thats really off putting as they don't know y ur making such a fuss perfection don't exsist i get spots i just leave em.... humans get spots... only if they become infected shud u bother it's like when u see a woman caked in make up and u see the spots underneath thats worst than no make up
I don't think scars make guys less attractive. However, confidence is key! If a guy is confident about himself (not cocky) then girls will be all over him! I find confidence very sexy! So try not to be self-conscious about it.
Not really. I don't find scars un attractive. It's not

like its self inflicted. Like some ugly *** piercing through the center of your nose like a bull ring or something. To me, scares are like accidental

Beauty marks.

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