Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do I cover up my acne/scars?

I've got a bit of acne. And a lot of dark patches (scars) on my cheeks. I want to cover them up somehow, cause its too embarrasing to go out this way. Is there anyway, without causing another big breakout?How do I cover up my acne/scars?
There are many cosmetic products on the market that are flesh-tinted, for example concealer (or cover up), foundation and face powder which comes in two forms, loose or pressed. Powder is particularly useful for absorbing excessive oil build up. Also try acne laser therapy. Studies have concluded that acne laser treatments are safe and side effects from this type of treatment are virtually non-existent. The main reason for the increasing demand of acne laser Treatment is its safety factor because acne laser treatment eliminates the risks of prolonged antibiotic use and retinoid therapy can be avoided, as well as the expense and inconvenience of prolonged topical treatments, acne medications, creams, gels, etc.How do I cover up my acne/scars?
I see that your a guy which kinda stinks since u dont want to look like u have makeup on. Listen my best advice is get a really light concealer. Dab a lil bit on it and blend until its not even noticeable. Get a concealer with some salycic acid in it so it helps heal the pimples too. Also go to your derm and get hydroquinone (its a bleaching cream that u can use on ur acne scars) It is supposed to fade them but you have to use it for a few mos. Also try microdermabrasion once a month - this removes all teh dead skin and should lighten it up a bit. =)
Most doctors now believe that acne is not a food related problem.Eat foods high in beta carotene, such as carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe and other yellow-orange fruits and vegetables.Log on to for a few home made tips to heal acne .

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