Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do I eliminate acne scars?

Is there any type of home remedy or something else besides using Vitamin E??? I've used vitamin e and it didn't do a thing. I can't afford to go to a dermatologist so I need a low cost fix. I worked hard by using pro-activ to get rid of my acne, which by the way works really well if you use it the way you're suppose to. Please help me, I really want truly clear skin once and for all.How do I eliminate acne scars?
I had really bad acne scars on my back %26amp; was reccommended a product called Bio Oil %26amp; it works wonders %26amp; I havent looked back. I also used it when I found out I was having my first baby %26amp; I didnt get one stretch mark ... Check out do I eliminate acne scars?
I had bad acne as a teen and it left scars but I used a fading skin the time I was just using it to even out my skin tone cause I never wear make-up and then I eventually saw that it also faded my acne scars so it looked like I never had any at all with continued use. Now they have fade creams with sunscreen in it too so that's great for all day wear.

Remember though, depending on how bad the scars are, the longer it will take the fade cream to work to fade it out but don't lose WILL fade away!!!
have a try of bio oil it cost around 拢7 or 拢8 you can get it at chemists.but is really good otherwise have a word with your local chemist.there is something he may be able to suggest something that the plastic surgeons use.
dring lots of water,avoid alcohol and rest whenever u can,dont scrub ur face ,as a remedy,use fullers earth'multani mitti'(available in an east indian store) and sandal wood powder mixed with pure apple juice,u'll see results in 7 to 10 days....

cost only$1.99 or 2.99
Here's a few things you can do that I 've heard of. keep using the vitamin e. it does wonders over time. Just make sure you are getting the gel caps and breaking them open and then rubbing them on your scars. Also you can get a dermabration. The scrub off your dead skin and clean out your pores. It gives your new skin a chance to grow positively. Lastly there's a cream you can apply. Look for cream that says it helps with stretch marks for women who have had children. Goodluck!

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