Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is a good foundation that covers acne scars and looks natural?

I want one that is from a department store and is affordable!!!!!!!!!What is a good foundation that covers acne scars and looks natural?
MAC Studio Fix you can get it at Macys.

It cover all of my acne scars (and mine are bad) plus the few i still get since the makeup cleared up my skin %26amp; it hides my pores.

i LOVE it. its light so i dont feel it and people dont see it so they cant tell your wearing it.

Apply a little. Wait a minute then aplly more where needed.

They have a good concealer too but i never wear because i dont need to. The foundation covers all my flaws.

I dont like mineral powder like Bare Minerals it was the worst looking makeup i have ever used %26amp; dont reccommend it. it brought out my scars and redness.

Clinque is a good foundation but it rubbed off %26amp; didnt cover my scars ect.

The BEST thing to do is go to the department store %26amp; ask the people at the cosmetic counter. Try different foundations on. Then you will know which brand color and so on is best for you.

Good Luck!!What is a good foundation that covers acne scars and looks natural?
Not too sure about covering up scars, but I know the Almay Smart Shade foundation is great for the natural look. It literally comes out of the tube white, and turns to match your color when you put it on your face! I had a pretty good blemish on my chin this past weekend, and used this, and it covered it up very well. My husband said it was hardly noticeable.
i have used neutrogena's smart shade's concealer but you don't need to put any other makeup over it, it will blend into your skintone and it will look totally natural, it's definitely the best concealer ive ever used! good luck!! imsure it will work :)
MIneral power and bare minerals are great amazing.I use it when i get bad acne like when im PMSing and when i put it on my face looks flawless!Its only 7.99 at walmart right now.Get the powder foundation.I hope i helped.If so plz. put me best answer lol.THANKS!!

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