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What's the best foundation to use to cover acne scars?

And also, how exactly do you apply? Do I use a moisturizer first? If so, what kind? I'm clueless. Please give me some detailed responses. Thanks!What's the best foundation to use to cover acne scars?
Bare Esentuals is absolutely amazing. I use it and love it. the concealer i use to cover acne scars are bisque and summer bisque with the concealer brush. then you apply the foundation it also covers really well. they have a varitey of shades and it is really easy to find a shade because most people can work with two different ones and they both lok great. bare minerals covers really well but most importantly it doesn't clog your pores while doing it, like other liquid foundations that are heavy, even some high end ones the MAC. you can use a mositerizer first but you dont have to use sunblock because all their face products have some king of spf. they have primers and skin revver upper if you need. but when you first purchase don't feel overwhelmed or obligated to buy everything. i think you should start with a starter kit and if it doesn't come with a concealer you she definetly buy it. bare esentuals covers and helps your skinh have less acne my skin has gotten so much better.

hopefully i helped and good luck :)What's the best foundation to use to cover acne scars?
Okay in makeup...the more expensive usually the better. Same with creams or facial products. Yes you need to apply moisturizer everyday. Once in the morning and then again at night after you wash your face. Its good to use all of the same product. Estee Lauder, Chanel, La Mer, Clarins, Kiehls, YSL are all good skin care labels. They are not cheap. But your face is very important ad its important to take good care of it everyday. If you have dry skin LA MER is the best. Its an amazing product. You can look up all of these brand products online. Y can research all of them to see which would work beter for your face. Are you oily, dry, oily t zone etc. They sell these usually at Sephora, SAKS, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, and sometimes Dillards. The VERY best cover up I have found is YSL multi-action concealer stick. Its fantastic! It runs about $30.

To apply just get the stick and dab a little on the areas you ish to cover up. Let it be for a few seconds. Then gently pat the area until it is not visible. It works great for dark circles, pimples, name it!

Also YSL has fabulous mascara!! Its all i use
Personally I like Bare Minerals. Swirl, tap, then buff. After I do my face, I use the concealer brush (which comes in the starter kit or you can buy seperately) and dab extra foundation on the scars. It actually stays pretty well.

Oh yeah, it works much better if you use a moisturizer or primer. The skin rever-upper is what I use. The glycolic acid in it can make your skin a little red for a few minutes, but you only need just a dab to cover your entire face.

good luck. i suffer from scars too and it is NO fun!
Well, there are a few things u need to consider first. What type of skin do you have - oily, dry or normal? Are your scars deep? Discolored? Do you want to minimize them (lightly cover) or hide them up completely?

Your skin type will dictate your type of moisturizer but yes, everyone should use one along with a daily eye cream. I use Clinique. You can check out the Clinique line of products @

If you think your scaring is ';bad';, you might want to look into Dermablend makeup... It's thicker than most foundations and is waterproof. You can google it on the web.

I have mild scaring and b/c I have pale skin, my scars are really red/noticable til they calm down. I simpy use Clinique City-Base foundation (it also has an SPF) and I LOVE it! I dab it on my skin where it's needed and if I need extra coverage in specific spots, I just apply a light second layer to the area and set with powder. You can see this product on the above website too.

If you need application advice, a Clinique rep (at the department store) will assist you - as will a cosmetics rep in any store/brand counter.

Good luck!
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