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How can I get rid of Acne Scars?

Im 13 and i used to have pretty severe acne, but a tried benzoyl peroxide and it worked amazingly for me and my acnes pretty much gone but the only thing is is that i have these ugly dark acne scars that makes my forehead look like its still covered in acne. I want to cover it up with foundation or concealer or something but my mom wont let me she says that im ';too young'; for makeup but i honestly need it my face still looks like i have tonss of acne. Are their any ways to cover or treat my acne scars that wouldnt involve and kind of makeup? Thank You.How can I get rid of Acne Scars?
Get clean and clear.I'm 13 too and I have acne,but not bad not bad at alllll only because I love washing my face all day with it.Acne makes you look a-lot older,and boys will always hit on you because they believe your a-lot older than you truly are..LOLHow can I get rid of Acne Scars?
Wash ur face with soap as mch as u can. There r beauty soaps avaliable in d market.. Dnt rub ur face with any harsh material. Keep ur face cool n soft. Avoid exposure 2 sunlight. Deep scars may remain 4 much time bt will b clearaed slowly. Just take sme precautions n prevent reoccourance of Acnes in future.

Thank u!
now try proactive the stuff really works my daughters acne scars was you notice I said was very bad she didn't even want to go off to college and we say the advertisement on T V.ordered some and it was the best thing we had ever bought so maybe you should try it it really works
umm not at the moment but i think it is clearasol that gets rid of acne and the scars it leaves behind
exfoliation and laser
My friend told me that Vitamin E oil designed for the skin (not the tablets you take) are supposed to help minimize the scarring. It mightnot get rid of it completely but at least they'll be less noticable.
Try Ettusais (Shiseido's sub-brand, specialised for acne skin). They have a whitening lotion for acne scar.
check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:--Acne-pimple cure/Blemishes/ Acne Scars
You knw what, I use Swiss Alps facial rub cleanser, (in the tangerine color tube with the orange top) its like a scrub. It has crushed hulls of pecans or walnuts or some kind of nuts, and anyway, they feel like little specks of sand gentley exfoliating your dead skin away, and also I use cocoabutter, 100% it works very well for me to retain my natural skin colour. Also a gentle use of a pumice rock. It takes away dead skin cells very nicely but you must use gentley and or get the one for the face... its bound to help. Everytime I scratch and know I shouldn't and it leaves a dark spot or dry skin kind of area, I go to these old faithful and within 1 month or 6wks of this gentley every day or every other day, my face is renewed completely practically.

Another thing sweetie, look into eating a proper nutritional diet of foods for the skin. Beautiful skin certainly comes from within, first of all. Drink lots of water to rinse unwanted toxic things your body tries to rid itself of so it won't try to rid its ownself like sitting on the skin of your face and thighs. Also, check into the things that are great for the skin nutrition wise. It always helps..
I used to have bad acne and acne scars. They aren't completely gone, of course there is still evidence of what I went through but my face looks much better than when I had the real bad acne scars.

I had to get rid of the scars and I disciplined myself and here are some suggestions.

1. Drink plenty of water every day. Water keeps the skin moist and rids the body of toxins. Water is essential in all phases of acne treatment - scars too.

2. Drink mango, or carrot juice regularly. Vitamin

A in these juices help protect the skin and may help in fading scars. I used to drink an orange- carrot canned drink almost every day and even recommended it to some of my friends who suffered from acne. Apricots are good too.

3. Wash your face at least two times a day. This helps to shred dead skin cells. The scar will lighten with time. Use a mild face soap, see if you can get a ';black soap'; or use a Neutrogena bar.

4. Almond oil is extremely good home remedy for lightening scars. Get a bottle of this oil.

5. Cocao butter moisterizers have been proven to lighten uneven skin tone which may be caused by scarring so you could apply cocao butter cream to the scars.

Use all or combinations of these recommendations especially the first three and you will definitely see results. My friends who haven't seen me in a while ask me what I use on my face. They usually don't believe it wasn't a product I bought in the store.
Hey, my younger sister is about the same age as you and she has really deep brown skin so her acne scars are very profound also. I'll tell you a fe things that work..all that have been used by my older, younger sister and I. with exclusion of the laser, that I haven't done, and my parents refuse to let my little sister do. I've ordered them by the best solutions.

1. Laser. This is about 120-140.oo a session. It works, but you'll need atleast 6 sessions. So you are looking at major cash.

2. Vitamin E. Vitamin E is like the best I suggest the bottle by Jamieson. it's in a jar with a brush attached tot he lid so you can out it directly where needed. Check out this site:鈥?/a>

3. Cocoa butter. This stuff not only smells good but works.. take FOREVER to see you'll most likely give up on it.

4. tar soap. You can get this at any local body shop or bulk store. It's all natural and a black soap bar. I hated the mess it made around the sink so I quit ..but my over cousin who had THe worst acne scars in the world..says it's what worked for her!

5. Salycic acid (clean and clear product )and then almond oil applied on top . This is really good for those reoccurring acne and the almond oil helps the spots.

There a re a bunch of fade products you can use and apply directly to the scars or to your entire face the problem with that is the risks involved. Sometimes thos products are harsh, and they can leave you looking 'multi'-toned' . or 'belached'

Good LUck...WHEN IN DOUBT ..consult a ..DERMATOLOGIST%26gt;!!

Good LUCK.
you can use glycolic skin tonner
Well, this does invole some makeup but it works and its really healthy for your skin. It's Bare Minerals. It is so good for your skin you can actually sleep in it. Your mom would totally approve in isn't cakey or anything but it definetly works! Hope you find a solution and best of luck. Pssst... try it! =)
The only way to get rid of scars is by going to a dermatologist and either getting laser treatments or chemical peels. You can cover them with make-up, but they will probably still show. Good Luck!!
Well this is kinda pricey but you can get laser surgery and get them and other acne scar removed 4 GOOD!!!!!! Oh and benzoyl peroxide may work but........... it is most likely to leave scars

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