Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How can I get rid of brownish acne scars?

My acne is under control but now I would like to get rid of the nasty brownish acne scars. How can I do that without having to go to a dermatologist?How can I get rid of brownish acne scars?
There are over the counter ones like Bio Oil which for a small bottle is AUD$ 11.95. This stuff works for most scarring including stretch marks, normal scars and acne scarring. Or you can go get your face Microgermabrased which takes off a layer of your skin to remove the scarring it is painless and not as dangerous as other skin resurfacing treatments. Dermabrasion cost AUD$90-150 or you can buy the home kit which i recommend after you get it professionallydone that are AUD$30-50. If Bio oil does not work try microdermabrasion kits.How can I get rid of brownish acne scars?

The best way to get rid of brownish acne scars is to try the easy and free trail no worries you will feel it and have nice skin, I tried it, it is really work and also you can have it for free trail.

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well u can try some of these masks鈥?/a> that can decrease the scarring
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