Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is the best way to fade acne scars?

I've successfully cleared up my acne, but it left so many scars on the lower half of my face that I may as well not have! What's the quickest and most effective way to fade these scars?What is the best way to fade acne scars?
I've heard Bio oil is quite good.What is the best way to fade acne scars?
I HEARD that Lemon juice is good for acne and acne scars. Ive been using it for 3 days and I think its making a difference but I havent come up in Acne. Exfoliate is DEFINATELY a good thing. It takes off dead skin and makes you're skin fresher and may reduce acne scars. And moisturising your skin keeps it healthy and can repair itself easier. I hope it helps. Lemme know wot happens
Vitamin E prevents acne or pimple scarring and can also be used to fade old scars. Use cucumber or other fruit and vegetable packs to cure pimple scars. More such solutions at
You can try lemon juice...

Also you can try the scar kit from zenmed.

You can read more about acne scars at:

They also have a lot of home remedies on there as well

Good luck

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