Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What would you recommend to remove acne scars and dents?

Last summer I had a bad acne flare up. I took accutane and it caused my acne to worsen the worst its ever been. It caused me to develops little indents on my face. But they aren't too deep, the dents are on the sides of my face. I'm going to go to my dermatologist but I want outside advice before I make my choice on what to do. My acne is under control right now, its been for months. What would you recommend to me? I want a normal looking face again. I'm assuming girls find it unattractive.What would you recommend to remove acne scars and dents?
Chemical peels by a dermatologist can help as can fractal laser treatments; less helpful is the microdermabrasion. All these work by dissolving off the top layers of skin so your skin is much smoother. These are much more permanent than other treatments.What would you recommend to remove acne scars and dents?
Hi there....I took Accutane myself 15 years ago, and it worked wonders...If you're just recently done taking it, give it some time-it's pretty rare that you would have to do a 2nd course of treatment (I have a background in dermatology). So, in the meantime, your intrinsic indentations are what I call ';hot spots'; and will probably flare up from time to time. To diminish the appearance, I like ';Bio Oil';-you can get it @ CVS. Otherwise, Tirasil (sp?) was mentioned on the TYRA show and works wonders, apparently. Good luck with your new skin!
According reasearch many anti-acne products are known to worsen rosacea symptoms. Medical experts strongly urge rosacea sufferers to stop using these products.

Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects many Americans, but it can also spread to the eyes and cause a constant gritty, burning sensation.

I have been in search a product that works on my skin, I finally found it on one of acne rosacea review site. I use ZENMED Skin Support System - Dry Skin, and I saw

results in weeks! I recommend it to anyone who has suffered through various dermatologist prescribed ZENMED Skin Support System - Cheers
Have somebody purchase from the Philippines the cream

CONTRACTUBEX and apply it lightly and daily. Do not get exposed to direct sunlight on the affected skin area.
Acne skin disease is very frequent in the world. The acne sufferers are from all races and genders. If you are looking for acne solutions, I recommend to go for ZENMED Derma Cleanse System. It is an internal cleansing treatment that goes right to the source and fights acne before it even begins.

I tried this product for about a month and to my surprise it really works. I've had skin problems (acne) since I was a teenager and I swear I've tried every product out there. I think I'm sticking with this one though!

My skin is clearer than it's ever been. I'd definitely recommend ZENMED Derma Cleanse
Arbonne....Arbonne....Arbonne!!! Their products are all pure, safe, %26amp; beneficial with proven results! They are formulated in Switzerland but made in the US. They have a men's line you may be interested in called the NutrimenC RE9 line. Or depending on your age they also have their Intelligence line that is geared to the ages of 18-30. Either one. The NutrimenC RE9 line is an antiaging line, which we should always be concerned about. However, by age 30 we should be using a product for this. I am an Arbonne Consultant and have a couple of people who are in my upline who have had teens with this problem. They were able to improve their skins appearance immensely by using the above product lines after the damage from the acne occured and was resolved. You can contact me for more information if you would like. Anyone can also sign up with Arbonne and receive their products for 35% off whenever they order with no order requirements for only 29.00!!! An awesone deal! Oh and if you have any redness they have an Intelligence Personalizer that eliminates it! Love it; works like a charm! Conatact me at if you would like more information. You can also check out Arbonne's website at to get answers and see what they all have to offer.

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