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How do i get rid of acne scars on my face and back?

im 16 and ive had acne over the years. I used to pop my pimples so i have acne scars. Please Help.How do i get rid of acne scars on my face and back?
There are so many ways on how to cure back acne. Back acne is like the ordinary forms of acne - nothing special. It does appear as pustules, pimples, blackheads or in the worst case like acne cyst. This is common during puberty by when the sebaceous gland is starting to function aggressively. Back acne is no respecter of age, sex, race or whatever. It can attack just any body. Discussed below is a list of 10 most important ways to cure back acne.

1. Take a shower or wipe off your sweat using towels with gentle fabric such as cotton after vigorous activities.

2. Always wear clean clothes and apply powder at your back in order to prevent perspiration. This is a very important thing to do if you must get rid of back acne. It is important that you change clothes any time you notice you have prespirated too much in order to preven back acne build up.

3. Pat dry your skin after a shower but make sure you don鈥檛 rub the towel. Rubbing the towel might irritate your skin which will in turn result in further inflammation on your back acne.

4. You may use some anti-bacteria cleansers that are formulated for facial acne if your acne is still mild. There are also some anti-acne soaps that are formulated for facial acne but can be used on your back acne too but you must learn to avoid using regular soap. Regular soaps may not meet the demands that your sensitive skin requires.

5. Avoid carrying back packs untill your back acne clears up. Back packs will only prevent your back from heating up and that will only result in more sweat which is a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria.

6. Use Benzoyl peroxide. One of the best way to get rid of acne back is to use gels or creams containing at least 10% of benzoyl peroxide. You can get one at a local health centre or drug store near you. You can buy it without even talking to any dermatologist as it is very safe.

7. Try using Benzoyl peroxide with products containing alpha-hydroxy. Studies shows benzoyl peroxide works better with products having alpha-hydroxy. A mixture of benzoyl preoxide and other products containing alhpa-hydroxy will help you dry up your back acne two times faster.

8. You may also use home remedies such as sodium hydrixide (Lye) but you must also add some tea tree oil in it. Sodium hydrixide will never try up your back acne as faster as a mixture of benzoyl preoxide and othe products containing alpha-hydroxy, but it does work and will surely work for you if you don鈥檛 over do it.

9. Exfoliate once a week. If you don鈥檛 have enough money to spend on expensive body scrubs, you may make use of sugar instead to take off all dead cells. You may apply it on the affected areas.

10. You can seek the help of a good dermatologist in the case of servere back acne. Remember, it is for you good and there is no point being ashame of anything.

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At 16 actually the best cure is time.

There are a lot of good ways how ever to work on getting rid of your scars. Some do cost a lot of money and some dont cost anything at all.

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