Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who can give me tips on getting rid of acne scars?

I am just looking for easy ways that may work, nothing big.

Store products or at home ways to rid my skin of acne scars.Who can give me tips on getting rid of acne scars?
Here are just a few tips to treat them so they would disappear and not multiply.

First of all, when you see a small pimple, try to avoid the temptation of popping it. Popping it can cause it to multiply as it can spread the infection underneath the skin and the next morning you'd find dozens of them on your face! If ever you do pop a zit, make sure you wash it with soap and water or some alcohol to avoid the risk of infection.

Second, wash your face morning and night using mild soap or facial wash. You need to keep your face clean but you don't need strong cleansers to do this. Stay with the mild ones so you would avoid irritation.

Third, choose the right toner. Toner is the new astringent as it's a lot gentler to the skin. After washing your face, apply facial toner.

Fourth, exfoliate. Don't exfoliate your skin everyday! Exfoliate every three days and use a gentle scrub. Don't use a product that once used would make your face feel like it's been scrubbed by sandpaper. Your facial skin is really sensitive and it can't handle such beating. Be gentle with it.

Lastly, get enough sleep. Not enough sleep can cause pimple breakouts so make sure you get 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is a very important thing as it reduces your stress level. Stress influences acne breakouts so in order to reduce your stress level, get some sleep! When you have plenty of sleep, you don't only get rid of acne but you feel much happier too!

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Best Of Luck!Who can give me tips on getting rid of acne scars?
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Good luck,

sounds gross but potato slices rubbed on your face helps reduce scarring.

also extra virgin coconut oil will smooth scarring.


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