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What are some good ways to treat acne scars?

Yes, please help me!

I hate it when my step-sister always asks me what those dots are on my chin.

Sorry about any typos, I'm using an itouch.

Thanks for the answers!What are some good ways to treat acne scars?
Treatment for acne scars depends on many different things.

Are you on medication like Retin-A, Acutane, anti-biotics, clyndomycin topical, or benzoyl peroxide?

Retin-A speeds up the skin-shedding process and renewal, but also thins the skin.

Acutane- is a powerful synthetic form of vitamin A that is taken for severe acne and should be used with Extreme Caution in women of pregnancy bearing ages.

All acne medications tend to thin the skin and require one to avoid being in the sun and may recommend the use of sunblock as long as it doesn't interact with topical or internal medication.

My suggestion to you would be to use skin sloughing products or exfoliaters to promote skin cell regeneration- providing for a smoother cleaner feeling complexion:

You can use an exfoliator with jojoba beads which gently exfoliates the skin. Stay away from products which contain benzol peroxide b/c it can be harsh and irritating to the skin.

Murad makes a really good line with AHA/ABA cleansers

Clinique has some nice products

Origins does too

Proactiv- Face Refining Mask (sulfur mask)

If the basic products do not help I suggest seeing a Dermatologist or Medical Esthetician who is trained in giving facials, and or treatments such as laser resurfacing, micro-dermabrasion , chemical peels and prescribing scar creams.

Most people have gone through the hardship of acne- I'm sorry that you feel bad. Some of things that help acne can be changing your pillow case often. Keep hair out your face, especially if you have hair products like gel, hairspray, leave in conditioner etc..., make sure that you are staying hydrated, eat balanced meals and make sure to eat fruits and green leafy cruciferous vegetables. Hormonal imbalance and stress can aggravate acne.

Hope some of this helps :) good luck!What are some good ways to treat acne scars?
Acne scars can be devastating at any age. These blemishes may last for all time unless sorted. The marks of scars can make an individual's self image terribly low.

The way to dump acne scars are often straightforward. However, different techniques work for various folks.

Is cream effective for removal of these foul scars?

Can makeup hide them with successful results?

Yes, on both accounts.

Looking after the main problem first is perfect - removing the acne and keeping it in hand. makeup is a way to relieve these blemishes.

However, research the products used for skin irritation. Some kinds of makeup can inflame the skin. Well-applied makeup can hide all the smears connected with acne.

Contact a doctor for the strongest way to help with the removal of acne scars.

For the removal of upsetting acne scars several strategies are available.

Makeup could cover up most blemishes when applied in the correct way. Cream effective treatments are a popular choice of the general public.

Assume control and feel happier about the way acne scars can be removed.
This remedy helps. Maybe you want to try it.

Make a sandalwood paste or cream with black gram or moor dal and mix it with rose water. You could apply this mixture on to your scars and keep it overnight. Immediately wash it with cold water the following day and if you find that your skin is drier, just leave it for a few hours or try washing your face with some milk.

Hope this helps.
I've met a lot of people who have used Skin Culture facial peels to get rid of acne scars. You can read some of their stories here:
You can find a lot of information at:

Also the product they recomend worked great for me, especially the skin eraser. Worth every penny!

Good luck!

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