Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How can you get rid of acne and acne scars quick? (about a month)?

I need them gone by May 20, 2009. Are there any quick home remedies? I have a couple of blackheads around my nose, and acne scars all over my forehead. For the past week I've been applying olive oil and honey to my skin, but it's just making myskin smoother, not reducing the acne or the scars. helppp pleaseHow can you get rid of acne and acne scars quick? (about a month)?
I would recommend ZenMED. It is the best do it yourself home treatment for scars and wrinkles. The best part about this acne scar treatment kit is that it is formulated with the average consumer in mind instead of celebrities. It will give your skin a smooth and flawless appearance.

Hope this helps.

-MichaelHow can you get rid of acne and acne scars quick? (about a month)?
I suggest you Zenmed Scar kit: ZENMED庐 Acne Scar Removal is a dual action system to scarring and imperfection.

1. MicroDermabrasion Complex.

2. Skin Eraser, a well-known and established skin lightening agent.

Zenmed Microdermabrasion gently resurfaces the skin, removing debris and old dead skin, revealing the new cells underneath and encouraging the production of new smoother, clearer skin. Unlike many other products on the market, it is completely natural and does not require the use of any machine or hand held device.

Skin Eraser is a medicated skin lightening agent blended into a natural base of healing Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Cucumber. Only needs to be applied to the affected areas to penetrate the damaged skin tissue and restore it to normalcy.

For complete informations read here:http://www.acne-removal-scar.net/zenmed-鈥?/a>
look! you are looking at this the wrong way. acne isn't something you can you need to get rid of quick. you are in this for the long haul and that can take years. acne is caused be over active hormones and will start clearing up when you come close to finishing your growth. that is why there are no quick fixes. you need to keep at it. i used clean and clear as a wash and then wiped my face down with witch hazel, which will dry up the oil. acne is a character builder, even with blossoms on your face you have to hold your head up and be a decent person and be polite, when your face starts to clear up you will be a terrific person.
i know wat can clear up all of the above, but mite cost 'ya. but only a few bucks. and btw, no home remedies going 2 help u more than wat ur doing now.

1st, i'd stop applying the masks.

2nd, go 2 walmart and buy clearasil ultra's rapid action treatment cream.

3rd, keep using watever cleanser u have now. if ure not using 1, buy a cleanser that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide

4th, u mite wanna buy a scrub 2. that contains the same amount.

5th, buy a moisturizer that contains the same.

6th, u can still do the masks, but only once a month.

and in case ur wondering bout y u need all this..

*cleanser - common sense. wat r going 2 clean ur face w/ every day/nite.

*cream - if u feel 1 coming/ clears up zits fasts. apply after washing w/ cleanser day/ nite.

*scrub - will help smooth out ur nose and clear it. plus exfoliatings important. once a week. if u chose 2 exfoliate that day, u only need 2 wash w/ cleanser once.

*moisturizer - apply day/nite after cream and cleanser. u mite think moisturizers not important. its as important as exfoliating.

well good luck
merderma or go to a spa or dermatologist and get a scar treatment done such as a chemical peel, laser surgery, or microdermabrasion. but if you dont have tons of money do be doing treatments like that then i would just suggest Mederma which you can buy at your local store like rite aid, cvs, walmart....
go to the pharmacy and get scar reducer or whatever lol i know someone who uses it and it faded
your answer is in the site i mentioned in my sources
check out http://homeremediesforacnetreatment.com/
Mederma for scars but if u seriously have acne. I highly recommend proactive. It's worked miracles on my sister's face in 2-3 weeks. it may not be a home remedy but it works!

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