Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is the best makeup for covering acne scars?

Something that's not too expensive, I've never worn makeup before which is why I'm asking and my senior protraits are coming up.What is the best makeup for covering acne scars?
i'd recommend revlon colorstay foundation. here's how i apply it:…

i have worse red marks than the girl in the video and it covers them up. i use the colorstay powder over it, using a powder brush to apply.What is the best makeup for covering acne scars?
Dermablend... it's a L'Oreal Brand. The cover creme is about twenty dollars, but it's not that much... when you think about how LITTLE product you will need, as oppsed to something like Maybelline, which would need a lot of applying and buying the product more and more..
Bare Minerals foundation works very well. It does cost $25 but it works better than drugstore foundation and it will last longer.…
well I use mac which is on the expensive side its like $30 for a small bottle...but u culd also use revlon which works quite as well and its only like $9.00
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