Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I need safe, affordable treatment for acne scars. Does it exist?

I don't have extremely deep scars on my face, but they are noticeable and widespread around my face. Depending on the lighting/shadows of a room, they can be very noticeable to not so noticeable.

I have seen a dermatologist, and dumped a couple grand into micro-dermabrasion. I noticed mild results, but could not afford to keep them up. I try to do research, but it is so confusing. Chemical peels, acid peels, lasers, surgeries, home remedies, etc.

I don't want to do anything super serious with high risk of intensified scarring, or that has long recovery times. I also don't have tons of cash to waste on unreliable methods. Can anyone offer some suggestions, either from professional or personal experience?I need safe, affordable treatment for acne scars. Does it exist?
Retin-A helped diminish my shallow acne scars. Persistence is key %26amp; you must wear sunscreen because it makes skin more prone to sun burn.I need safe, affordable treatment for acne scars. Does it exist?
chemical peels work really well but there not cheep. how they work is a dermatologist puts consentrated sylcic acid on your face and at firt it burns but then they will put numbing cream on. during the next week your skin will ';shead'; off your top layer of skin, taking off most scars and revealing fresher skin. but if you do do this make sure you dont have anything importaint to go to because your face will be a bit red. if you want a cheeper remidy try ';scar zone';. you can get it at any drug store. my friend uses for her acne scars and it works pretty well. they even make a tretment made just for acne scars. only thing is is that it takes at least 5 months to start working. also you should use other acne treatments like scrubs and washes to prevent futher scaring. and never ever ever pick at your acnce. when choosing a ance wash/scrub i sugest you use one that has sylcic acid or Benzoyl Peroxide. i hope i answered your question.
Glytone. Best. Stuff. Ever.

It cleared my skin in a week, and now, 4 months later, I still have crystal clear skin! It's not cheap, but it's worth it, and it works. It has dramatically gotten rid of my scarring as well.

You can buy it online, at a dermatologist's office who carries the line, or at a cosmedical spa. I found it through yahoo local by typing in glytone.

ps- the first week will be irritating (some burning and stinging) while your skin builds a tolerance for glycolic acid, but it's worth it.

I broke out at age 10. At 24 I went through accutane, which kept me clear for three years, and then broke out again. Glytone not only cleared my skin, but it changed it. It works. It's your face and it's worth it!!
I don't think there is much you can do. You can try a Jensen peel which makes your face peel. That helped me. Also, I know people can use laser, but that is more expensive. If your scars are not too bad, try lightening creams sold at cosmetic counters or drugstores.
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