Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to get rid of acne scars?

I'm 19 years old, I've had acne since I was a sophmore in high school. By now most of my acne is gone due to an acne free diet. I stopped using chemical products a long time ago and stick to home remedies. But the scars are still there on my cheeks. Is there a way I can get rid of the scars, or that can fade them?How to get rid of acne scars?
Yes, there is a way that you can get rid of the scars and/or make them fade. I recommend AcneFree Scar Lotion. It works, but as many scar removal lotions do, it takes time, so be patient when you want to see results because you may not get them in a day or so. You'll probably see lighter scars by the end of one week. Trust me, it works, I, myself, use it. Hope this helps =)!!How to get rid of acne scars?
Oh and by the way, acne has nothing to do with your diet, lol! Report Abuse

You could get a prescription from your doctor for Retin A. It really worked wonders for my cousins acne scars
Hey quick question, Im a sophmore in High School, have pretty bad acne and stoped eating fried foods. I really dont know how to get rid of it, i try not to touch my face and im going to the beach and when I work out side the sun really dries my face, and it gets oily. I use Prascion face wash and some stuff i apply to my whole face at night.

What tips can you give me to get rid of it, It really makes me feel insecure. and embarased when around girls and my girl friend,

If you are doing the natural thing, do what I do, apple cider vineager. Put it on a cotton ball and dab onto areas and let sit for 30 minutes then wash off.
I eventually went to a certified aesthetician and had a micro laser peel. It is expensive over time - about 150 dollars per visit, but it works. It was described to me as being comparable to smoothing out wood floors. It resurfaces your face by taking off some of the old yucky top layers of skin.

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