Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Acne scars?

so me being the idiot that i am, i recently popped a bunch of zits because they were cystic and really gross (i rarely get cystic pimples but for some reason i just got a bunch recently so i just popped them). now the problem is, they look their going to scar. are there any products or home remedies i can use to make it go away or fade?Acne scars?
I also had that problem, my skin is almost clear, but i had all these red blotchy marks, so what you can try is mario badescu healing cream. they sell it in most better dept. stores.Acne scars?
Glad to be of assistance!! Here's actually a link which you can paste into your browser and buy the product online.

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For serious case, u may need to go for laser. Recommended to use face towel for face, body towel for body. Don't use just 1 type of towel for whole body. Always sterilised your tools with sterilised lotion, if u attempt to poke your acne. Do not poke deeply as it will leave scars behind. To get rid of scar, try applying Vitamin E on it. Where to get Vit.E? Purchase Vit.E capsules, take one only %26amp; break it up. Do not reuse if you have left over. Takes lots of fruits rich in Vitamin C or supplements to improve complexion. Refain from taking oily food. Good luck !!
Stop popping! It's tempting, but honestly, it make things worse. If you absolutely must pop, make sure that the area (and your fingers) are clean and disinfected. After you pop, gently clean the area with warm water and a washcloth, then cover the popped pimple with ice for a minute or two. This will reduce the swelling. With a cleaner pop, and a smaller area to infect, you greatly reduce your chances of getting a scab or scar.
I usually just put really hot water on my face with a washcloth and hold it there for about a minute. I dunno, that's what I do, and I pop zits all the time, and it seems to work for me. Just don't scrub at your face really hard, because that'll irritate your skin. There's also some kinds of products out there that supposedly get rid of acne scars, but I have no clue how well those work.

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