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do they ever completely go away?ACNE SCARs?
There is hope! This is a safe, permanent cure and it麓s using low cost natural oils which are only beneficial to the skin. It worked wonders at ridding me of not only pimples and scars, but countless other conditions - large pores, brown spots, pigmentations, sun damage, a mass of freckles, even a large mole and gave me a blemish free skin. And it has helped many others - see my many Best Answers(acne scars, etc.) and responses from users.

Use an organic or natural oil - olive oils work really well and are particularly good for acne even if you have oily skin (do a web search';Olive oil beneficial treatment for acne, oily skin?';) and massage over and over with a quite strong, vigorous motion (the more vigorous the better) Better to use a '; to and fro'; action not a circular one and use finger tips or sides and front of fingers depending where on face you massage. You will find you can make it more vigorous and can massage for longer periods as you progress (build up to 30 min a session for best results). It麓s the massaging friction that forces a fresh, clearer skin to eventually emerge. Initially, the skin has to adjust and if soreness, breakouts or other reactions happen - skin might expel poisons that need to be expelled - then stop and resume when you can. You have to find the pace that works for you - it's different for every person. In about 3 - 5 days - depending on how vigorously and for how long you have been able to make the massage - you should start to see noticeable results. Keep it up and in 10 to 15 days you will see more noticable results. It also gives skin a radiantly healthy glow and is very effective at tightening skin. The oil quickly absorbs into skin so it is best to splash face with water and dab dry any excess with tissues or an old towel. You will not need to use any other treatment ever again! Also, as olive oil is a natural moisturizer you will not need to use any other. Some skin clinics may tell you to only massage gently but this treatment has only been beneficial to the many who have tried it. Try it - you will be happy that you did! It really works.

SOURCE(S): 20+ years of research into natural treatments to enhance skin and cure skin problems and of anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments.ACNE SCARs?
no. you can have laser resurfacing and chemical peels to reduce the scarring with pretty good results though. I think it depends on how bad of scarring you have.
a scar is a scar so I'd say no unless you treat them.
No...........but makeup's your best friend when you have acne scars...
nutrogena advanced solutions acne mark fading peel actually works. it's a face mask available at stores like walmart and drug stores.

my forehead was a mess of scars and after only one month of using it, i'm almost completely scar-free.

oh, and if i have a pimple now, i put neosporin on it, they heal faster and don't leave scars as frequently.
i wish they did

but usually dotn complately go away
well they say scares never go away but what i do is once i get out og the shower i kinda peel them off or i but lotion or baby oil if it hurts your not doing it right .dont make yourself bleed!i don tknow if this works for other pple bu tit works for me !

good LUCK!
try using mederma.
When you notice a pimple, try to put ice on it until your face is numb. You want to reduce the redness and swelling. Then you want to apply clean and clear max. strength persa gel. It contains 10% Benzoyl peroxide. It dries it up. If you can not get to this product you can always use regular peroxide. Even if you do not have a pimple, you can still use the gel or peroxide on your scars because it eventually fades. Think about it ,they use peroxide in whitening tooth paste. That is what works for me. Good luck !
They'll heal a little faster with a frequent application of petroleum jelly. A topical application of Vitamin E helps too.

For now, don't pick them, keep yourself hydrated, and eat lots of citrus.

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