Thursday, December 17, 2009

How do i get rid of acne scars without expensive surgery?

My back, chest and face are covered in acne scars and im really self conscious about it (Especially my back and the tops of my shoulders)

Is there maybe some sort of cream or lesser treatment that i could get to get rid of this scarring without having to spend a fortune on surgery?How do i get rid of acne scars without expensive surgery?
have you tried bio-oil and vitaminE cream? it does take time but it works wonders!

laser treatment is good however but it is expensive.How do i get rid of acne scars without expensive surgery?
Go to your doctor - as it is severely psychologically self damaging and causes you alot of problems in your every day life, they can review your case and you might be able to get it done on the NHS. I only have bad scars on my face, but my dermatologist said a year after i finish my meds, i would be reviewed to see im elegable for free scar lazer treatment.

Until then, vitamin E cream or the vitamin E capsuals - break those and put the oil on the scars. Theres also bio oil - expensive but alot of people swear by it. Good luck!
There are homemade remedies in treating scars w/o going through expensive procedure. Here's some:

1- The Tomato Treatment

Take a fresh tomato, give it a good wash then slice it into reasonably thick pieces. Rest the tomato on the scar and leave there for a few minutes. Perform this procedure twice a day before washing your face (so you don't go to bed with bits of tomato sticking to you!)

2- Lemon Juice

If the tomato treatment doesn't give you the results your after try this great homemade acne scar treatment. Slice up a fresh lemon and once again apply it to the scar. Because lemon juice is citric acid (which is part of the AHA group) it makes an effective homemade acne scar treatment. Lemon juice can also help increase the elasticity of your skin which is another great thing about it.

I prefer the lemon juice because it worked on my knee scars.Hoped my answer helped..:D
go to a dermatologist or get some proactiv it works on acne scars too. i HAD them on my face and chest.[scars] i've been using proactiv and they are gone , i may have one or two still hanging out on my chest. i mean i had pizza face with extra cheese[ really] i would pop them and the scar come , eeewwww , i guess you get the message . give proactiv a try or the dermatologist..
try a skin bleaching cream. thats wat they r for! i heard porcalona(spellin) is good. if u live someplace that has asian stores look for beanne. that stuff is great! it even takes off freckles! treats acne, smooths skin, and great for wrinkles!
I have it on my face, abit on the neck, my chest, my back and all down the spine! I heard that you should use lemon juice or boil oil or lime juice
try this bio oil.
yes any cream with Vitamins E will help, and its gonna take time but no cream or lotion will make ur scarring go away completely is the only thing will make u get rid of it.
I used Bio Oil from Boots (UK) worked on me it takes a while to work (around 3 weeks) but it does the trick and isnt harmful to the skin
Try applying Mederma on the scars. You will see a difference in about 2-3 weeks of continuous usage. Depends on how bad the scars are actually.

You can also go for glycolic peels. I have had them and it has helped to some extent. It dries up your skin and has minimal side effects. You may need to go through 5-10 sessions. Laser also work well. Go to a beauty clinic and they will advise you whats good for you as per your condition.(Be ready to pay excessively for these procedures).

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