Thursday, December 17, 2009

How do you make your acne scars go away?

I had acne 2 years ago and it left me scars on my face. I don't want to use foundation all the time. Any way to make them go away? I also have some big pores.How do you make your acne scars go away?
I looked on a couple websites and a lot of them agree that lemon juice helps scars to minimize. You put it only on the scar and leave it there for 10 minutes; then rinse (or wipe) it off.How do you make your acne scars go away?
I know some products that will REALLY work.

1) Vinoperfect

2) Mederma

3) Stievamycin

4) Retin - A

You can get these products at the CVS or go talk to a dermatologist and get the recomended subscriptions 鈾モ櫏鈾? Report Abuse

maderma (idk if i spelt that rite.)
idk but i have the same problem
I would try one of those scar creams, such as mederma. I've also heard that microdermabrasion helps, but I don't know firsthand. Alot of day spas have treatments that are supposed to help.
There's benzoyl peroxide.. it's an off the counter product buy it at cvs.. I use it and my scars are slowly going away and my pores are slowly minimizing! It works..if you do get benzoyl peroxide get the acne gel, rub it on the spots that are affected every night, overnight.
i read somethng about it before

if you're still young over time the scares will heal.

but if they dont. i'm not too sure about scar creams cause they usually work when the scar is fresh

there are laser treatments that would help. though i dont really reccommend it.

i suggest you just used a good face cream. ot consult a skin doctor. they know best

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