Monday, December 14, 2009

How To remove acne scars without seeing a dermatologist ?

Ok , my little sister have acne scars on her face and they look ugly ! I really want to help her but my mom doesn't really let me take her to the dermatologist for surgeries so I was wondering if there's any remedies that can help to remove my sister's scars. Please help ...How To remove acne scars without seeing a dermatologist ?
I have acne scars and i recently went to the dermatologist. Trust me, getting products from walmart and all doesnt work. If you really want to help your sister, you take her to the dermitologist. They gave me a medicine that I put on twice a day. Just go, convince your mom. Also, just to let you know, my dermitologisty said that the lighter your skin is, the more scars dont appear. So if you have dark skin, acne scars appear more. If your skin is medium like mine, then you dont have a lot.How To remove acne scars without seeing a dermatologist ?
make sure she wears sunscreen on her face to prevent them from being permanent (like a tan kind of )

some acne scars fade, it takes up to 6 months

but other than that, go to walmart or somewhere and get a fade cream for the scars she already has

hope that helped
There is a product out there called Acne Free Scar Eraser. It's a product from the Acne Free company. You should find it at walmart or rite aid. Good Luck!
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