Thursday, December 17, 2009

What do males honestly think of girls with acne, scars and stretch marks?

I happen to be cursed with all 3, lol. Which has caused some insecurities. It even effects how I dress. I rarely wear anything with back and top of my arms showing. I am 19 and have a very slim figure. I would appreciate any honest opinions.What do males honestly think of girls with acne, scars and stretch marks?
Honestly, I know it sounds cheesy, but If he is worth it he will see the your beauty. My Fiance has Acne Scars, and Stretch marks and I am so in love with him that when I look at him I don't see it. I know It's hard for you to be confident but there is not a person on this planet without flaws. Every woman and man has things that they don't like about themselves. I'm not going to tell you that there aren't people out there who see scars, or acne, or stretch marks, or big butts, or no butts, small breasts, large breasts, big noses, big eyes, crooked teeth, et cetera, and judge a person by that. That's just the way the world is. But there are those who will see your personality and amazingly gorgeous things about you and fall in love with those things. Those are the people who matter anyway.What do males honestly think of girls with acne, scars and stretch marks?
This depends on the guy. Most I can guess wouldn't like the acne.

With scars I have plenty from some major surgery's although they are on my stomach so they can't be seen by others unless I'm wearing a bathing suit or my b/f can see them any other time. I'm not insecure about them they are kind of part of me they are the reason I am alive so I wouldn't dare hate them. Stretch marks well a lot of guys probably wouldn't like those either, but the one guy that really likes you won't care.


As others said your personality does matter. You can have the most gorgeous girl then you meet her, and you see she's a horrible person. She doesn't seem so pretty any more. Same with guys. Your personality can affect the way people see your beauty.
yes personality is a good thing, begin insecure isn't attractive, try to have more self-confidence, because when i look at that small picture you look really nice, and you say you have a nice figure :-)

To be really honest i don't like girls with acne, the other 2 things i don't find bad. There are special medicine for acne, maybe check those. I had acne for a few months because it was a side affect of a medicine a took.

(i'm foreign)
I have S-marks too! on my butt/thighs and on the back of my calves. I hate it. I've had some insecurity issues as well. But I'm working on bringing it up, and it is day by day. If I'm wearing a skirt I'll put cover up on them. Some liquid foundation and finished off with powder foundation and a bronzer. Just with making them less noticable gives me confidence.

But I'm soon going to order this coverup especially for marks/scars and it doesn't rub off and is water proof. awesome right?

here's the website
Being a man I think that a woman can be sexy with all three. I am very attracted to my girlfriend and she has all three as well. She has a great body and personality so the rest doesn't really matter.
If the guy is worth keeping he will think you are beautiful, which I am sure you are. We need to be and accept ourselves.
personality is forever.
I think it shows you are human.
I've struggled with all that **** so I really don't complain about it.

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