Thursday, December 17, 2009

What helps to conceal acne and acne scars?

I have acne and (to me) a lot of acne scars from past breakouts. I want to get makeup that will look natural, won't cause breakouts, and also covers up really well. I've tried Baremineral but it looks to cakey and comes off really easily. I also need something that will stay on since I'm always out and about and going swimming. Can any one help. Any tips or suggestions are very much appreciated.What helps to conceal acne and acne scars?
I had acne and scar I used proactiv which clear my skin up really good. I had alot of black head scar once i used proactiv for like a month or 2 bam it was gone. I even used proactiv on an old bug bite on my arm it was like a big round scar and know u cant even see it. They have they own makeup line. I used Mary Kay make up an broke out and used proactiv. Hope this help
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