Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is a natural remedy for acne scars?

I dont like using chemicals in over- the- counter products, so are there any natural ingredients I can put together myself at home to help my scars?What is a natural remedy for acne scars?
not a home remedy, but easy way....Vitamin E - just poke a small hole in the tablet and apply the oil on your skin.What is a natural remedy for acne scars?
Mich - if you will use a facial cream with a high level of vitamin E, you will notice that your acne scars will fade. I use neosporin and vitamin e oil. The other thing you can do is to take vitamin E %26amp; C caplets. But, please be careful. Too much vitamin E can thin your blood. Oh! The Body Shop also sells a wonderful vitamin E soap that smells like baby powder and really does the trick on scars! Take care!

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