Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What makeup can i use to cover acne scars?

I have tried covering my acne scars but my makeup just wont cover it or it fades in a couple minutes. Any suggestions on makeup that will cover and stay? Thanks guys :].What makeup can i use to cover acne scars?
Use foundation primer first, because it fills in fine lines and pores BEFORE you put the makeup on (I'm sure it would help with scars also.) Smashbox foundation primers are really good, and Sephora has small ';trial'; sized ones that are cheaper than the full size, if you want to just try it out first. Then use an illuminating foundation, it reflects light off of you face so you don't notice blemishes. I use Stila Illuminating Foundation. But if you don't want to spend that much on it, you can buy the Stila Illuminating Liquid, and mix a little into a drugstore foundation. That works pretty well too.What makeup can i use to cover acne scars?
First use a conceler. Dap it over top so it slightly hidden. Do it to all the discoloured parts. Then cover your whole face with a foundation with your fingers or a sponge. Then apply a pressed powder with a brush all over and it will all be hidden. Some thing that is good is TRUblend. I havent tried it but its all matched to the shades of skin tone so all conceler, foundation and powder is the same shade. Using the conceler to hide the scar works better than just using foundation because when you start to put on the foundation most of the skin is one tone. Hopefuly this works. :)
I use my liquid foundation (or whatever foundation) first THEN use concealer (I use the Body Shop's jumbo pencil concealers, but whatever works for you)... because when I try and use concealer first, when I brush on my foundation, I end up wiping up the concealer.

After that set everything with powder.
get MAC, it's a really good brand of makeup and coveres really well, i too have acne scars and i use it.

perfecto! use a bit of liquid to cover up big nasty ones and blend it on really well, ten a little bit of powder all over!
MAC Studio Fix Foundation and MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder on top of it. The foundation is a buildable coverage so put some on, let it set, then add more if you need more coverage, but you probably won't. It's AMAZING.
Using vitamin E helps to get rid of acne scars, but to cover them, I would use just a little bit of foundation matching your skin color.

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