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What worked best on your acne and acne scars?

I am an adult with some current acne, not much, but mostly some scarring from past acne breakouts. What's the best way to get my skin smooth again?What worked best on your acne and acne scars?
shisedo has a luminecent cream its about 100.00 bux!

i like it! it really helps with the scars

i really like the shisedo line.What worked best on your acne and acne scars?
HI..guys, I have a idea from this book Report Abuse

try Biotherm (you can get it at any drug store) or Proactive. Im have had acne all my life and both have worked really well with clearing up the acne but also with the scarring as well as evening my skin tone and taking away any blotchiness. Both are semi expensive (Biotherm- $23.00 and Proactive around $30.00) but really really worth it. Also, if you want to try an at-home technique for one or two pimples, add alittle water to a tablespoon of sugar and mix it into a paste and then blob it onto your pimple and go to sleep with it on. By the morning, the pimple should have much less redness and have gotten smaller and dried out.

Hope that helps :D
I also have had to deal with this and the best thing I have found is Arbonne! I started out by using the Clear advantage and now I am using the RE9 line and my skin looks awesome! They are coming out with a new skin care line next month and I can t wait to try it! I have used everything you can buy at a store and I also tried proactive! Nothing ever helped!
The best way is Proactiv.

I can send you an invitation for a free trial of Proactiv. Remember to use a pea size of the moisturizer. Just send me an email at and I'll send you the invitation. Remember, the company itself is sending it to you, not me.
Pineapple juice has a good amount of ascorbic acid which acts as a good bleach for the skin, so when applied often and washed after 10 or 15 minutes help a great deal in reducing acne,pimple scars. More such solutions at鈥?/a>

This site helped me alot with some good over all tips and products to clear up my acne. Now I don't really have any.

I really like the ';body shop'; fade cream. it also helps keep my pimples away.
Use Mederma scar creme. It is for normal scars but I know someone who used it and it worked on their acne scars. You can also use Neutrogena Facial Mask.
Hey there

You should try to wash and scrub your face often that is really important.

Also I can recommend you to use acnezine. It really helped my uncle. He got it from this website

Happy to help
take vitamin A supplements and wash your face with rubbing alcohol, this works great i know from trying it its guaranteed to bring down your acne
Vitamin D and E work well...however it is a long process of healing.

Plastic surgery is the quick and expensive option...
I used the Neutrogenia 3 step kit along with the Neutrogenia spot treatment for zits and postacne marks. It works!
drink lots of water.......and use neutrogena..........and do not touch your skin often...anti acne scrub would do good.....use products that would suit your skin type
protopic and accutane
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i just wash my face with dove soap and scrub it with a kind of rough rock
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