Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am 16yrs old and I have acne that I am currently treating it with benzaclin and a antibiotic and it is clearing up pretty good, but I was wondering what I could do to help reduce or elminate the acne scars.

Does home microdermabrsion or chemical peels work?

Thank you for your answer.Acne/Scars?
microderm abraison is what my dermatologist recommended if i ever choose to fix my skin, but my acne scars are very small and unnoticeable, and there aren't too many of them.Acne/Scars?
sorry to say, but those home kits don't work. i personally don't have any acne scars, thank god..but my brother had a few on his cheeks and he got microdermabrasion at a dermatologist office and it worked great. his skin is flawless now.

it cost my parents $600..it was $100 per session, and there were 6 sessions. it's pretty expensive, but your insurance might cover some of it. if your scars are really bad then i would recommend getting it professionally done.

my brother tried EVERYTHING from neutrogena to Avon, and nothing worked like it said it would.
unless youve had these scars for a year already it should go away on its own. wait two weeks after the acne completely healed-youll be surprised how much it fades. and its not as noticable as you think.
Dermabrasion is a scar treatment where the scars are removed by using an abrading tool. This leads to fresh tissue being exposed, which on healing forms a new skin on the wound.

Microdermabrasion is similar to dermabrasion but instead of using an abrading tool, a suction tool in combination with a rough tool or crystal blasting tool is used.

Usually, the best thing to get rid of scarring is microdermabrasion. You can also try over the counter products such as Maderma. This will help the scarring become less noticeable over time.
mederma or vitamin e oil is what works!!
You can use a cream from Asia for you scars. The name is ';Hirudoy';.

This cream is very good, because I had the same problem and science I use this cream the scars are gone.

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