Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Acne scars????????

Although my breakouts are under control, the scars refuse to go away. I can even spot acne scars from a year ago. Please do not recommend natural remedies from the kitchen as they DO NOT work. There's a wedding in the family coming up and I do not have much time. So please help.Acne scars????????
the thing that helped my acne scars from when i was a teen was using Neutrogena visibly even lotion. that reduced many of my dark scars. For the short run, if you still have acne scars, just use a thick concealer to cover it up for the day. I use MAC Studio finish concealer and my cheeks look totally different, absolutely no acne scars in sight.Acne scars????????
Here's an article that might help

Acne Scars - Getting Rid of Bad Memories!

you should try Proactiv...Jessica Simpson tryed it!
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