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At home remedies for getting rid of acne scars?

I have a few scars from acne and it makes it look like i still have acne even though i don't! Any at home remedies to get rid of them? Please help!At home remedies for getting rid of acne scars?
My favorites are:

Lemon juice and ice cubes.

You can find some more on:鈥?/a>


To learn more about the lemon juice application you can also go to:鈥?/a>

If all fails you could also try covering it up with a good concealer as well:鈥?/a>

Good luck,

MAt home remedies for getting rid of acne scars?
Ok I am using this home remedy at the moment and its really really helped me.

Every morning I dab organic cider vinegar on my face with a cotton pad leave it five minutes then rinse it off. Do this for about two weeks.

Then to maintain this I have been boiling some hot water and putting lavender flowers from my garden in the water and some green tea (sencha) leaves and added about a quarter of apple cider vinegar to the solution and use this every evening as a toner.

Every three to four days I use a scrub ( I use boots microderm exfoliator its not cheap but its a very good one).

I was also suffering from acne so you may not wish to use the lavender and if you dont have any organic good green tea you could always just use a few green tea teabags.

This routine has done wonders for my skin it has cleared up my existing acne and has made a huge difference to the scarring that was on my face.

You may also like to look at using some Tamanu oil (you can buy this from e bay) as I have found this is far better than bio oil and is more natural as its pure from a nut.

I have suffered from adult acne and scarring for years and I have used numerous expensive products but this is the cheapest and most effective yet and I was previously paying hundreds of pounds for regular microderm abrasion (which did help but this is I would say as effective as clearing scars as the cider vinegar acts the same as a gycolic acid peel, but is safer).

Good Luck and I hope this helps you.
There is this new popular cream that people have been talking about.

It was even televised on TV.

It prevents future and existing acne, diminishes scars, and lightens skin and blemishes. Fast results too! (It has been claimed that major results can be seen within a week and no later than two weeks)

Before and After photos are available at the given ebay site.

This person is providing 1-3 week trial samples (Only for ONE DOLLAR.. definitely a deal) on ebay at:

Search up ';best acne solution ever'; on ebay.

First 100 customers can get the item for $1 for one week trial and up to 3 weeks. Or you can buy the whole container for $160

It's expensive, but the product DOES work.

My sister and cousin who both have major acne have tried the product and they both give it thumbs up. I have also heard many great feedbacks about this cream.

I don't have a problem with acne, but it seems to have great results on my sister who has moderate to severe acne. Her acne swelling went away overnight.

I hope this helps. =)
Herbs and spices - A paste of black cumin seed powder and a paste of cinnamon powder mixed with honey are some herbs which act fast and effectively for patients suffering from chronic acne condition. Other active herbs and spices are pomegranate powder mixed with fresh lime, a paste of neem powder and a blend of turmeric powder with sandalwood or turmeric with mint juice. You may also apply freshly cut clove of garlic on the acne area and left overnight.

This really helped for me.

You will need:

a banana (preferably when the peel is starting to turn brown.)

crushed mint (found in the spices section of the grocery store.)

olive oil

a bowl

a fork

your hands

What to do:

Peel the banana and place in the bowl. Add in the oil and mint.

Stir with fork, until consistency is paste- like.

(For best results, microwave paste for 15 seconds.)
Nutmeg and honey are said to be the best home remedy for scars. Check out the video link attached! Hope it helps!
Apply equal amount of lemon juice and rose water with a cotton ball, leave for half an hour and wash. Repeat for 15-20 days. Check out for more useful info.
Dab cotton balls into lemon juice and then put them on your scars for 5 minutes.
Do what Old Shack said and also use

a real good Coco butter on it everyday...

Palmers Coco butter is a great one.
aloe vera

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