Monday, December 14, 2009

How can i get rid of minor acne scars without the expensiveness and lasers?

Any Home Remedies?

i only seen to have 2 minor acne scars on my forehead that i seem to be so self conscious about i was wondering if you the reader can probably help me get rid of this problem?


there only 2 minor acne scars can they dissapear? or am i scarred for life?How can i get rid of minor acne scars without the expensiveness and lasers?
scars fade in timeHow can i get rid of minor acne scars without the expensiveness and lasers?
There are many different ways of getting rid of pimple scars. One way is using coco butter or Shea butter. Or you could try to use fade cream or anything that says that it evens out your skin tone.
Theres not much you can do but you can make it less visible by putting on baby lotion every other day
coco butter will reduce the colour and smooth the skin
Sometimes Vitamin E and A works...Just open a capsule and dab it this every evening...for about a month...and just see if it works...You could just try it...
well.. i had a couple of visible scars on my cheeks. they were the results of whitehead scraping. Well ever since the nasty incident, i maintained a healthy lifestyle, drank suffice water(2litres-3litres), maintained hygiene and scrubbed my face once every 4-5, less than 3 months, the scars perished. :)

if it worked for whiteheads, it should work for acne i reckon.
i use a product called ';black soap'; from walmart and then moisturize with a product called '; ultra glow'; to make them dissapear! but ur white so u might not like my products:( good luck
Scrape cucumber and put paste onto the scars. It will lighten over time. Scar for man means macho, manly look. It is one point up, not down.
acne scars can be diminsihed through treatment and care. i used acnegetaway 101E. it worked for me i hope it does the same to u.
i use netrogena black head scrub, and biore self heating pore scrub and a steamer to try and squeeze the blackhead out, either that or just give it time to naturally dissapear.
they will fade over the years buddy.

i have a tone.

and i've used makeup to cover them for around 6 years, yet i'm only 15.

i started using proactive and that has made a difference to my scars as well. i've pretty much tried everything on them.

pure vitamin E oil, try that. it works a wonder on scars.

you can get the oil in a small jar from the health food shops. or in a small container in capsules. you just cut a bit of the capsual and it will come out.

good luck!

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