Monday, December 14, 2009

How can you tell if you have acne scars or just acne?

I have acne that is red and inflamed and raised. It has been there forever and it will not go away no matter what I do. I know that I have a few little scars that are pretty unnoticable, but i'm just wondering how I can tell the difference. I really hope it's not scars.How can you tell if you have acne scars or just acne?
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Scars fade over time, and should be flat, not raised. Have you tried a skin lightening/brightening serum? Murad makes a good one.

I have battled acne my entire life, and I am 32. I didnt experience the type you have, which sounds like cystic acne. Have you been to the dermatologist? I would start there. Over the counter meds wont do anything but aggrivate the skin more.

I have known a few people that had cystic acne and had great luck with Acutane. Its intense for 6 months, but then afterwards they never had a blemish again.

I went the dermatologist route myself when I was a teen, but I manage to keep it under control now using all Murad products. I just love them!! if you want to check their stuff out.
This will help you.
you will know. trust me.
well you said it, it's red and inflamed, that means that it's not a scar. I know that situation, that's a simple that's just laying under your skin and wait for just an opportunity to pop up. That one stays for so damn long because it's actually under your skin. I say you eat more fruits. At least that's what I did, and that tricky son of a gun went away, after like forever.
Your symptoms sound like Rosacea. You should see a dermatologist, im sure they could help you a lot.

**Rosacea : chronic congestion appearing primarily on the cheeks and nose characterized by redness, dialation of the blood vessels, and the formation of papules and pustules.

*Rosacea (IPA: [晒蓹蕣.藞ze瑟.蕛蓹]) is a common but often misunderstood condition that is estimated to affect over 45 million people worldwide. Hope this helps atleast a little.

I would also recommend laying off of spicy foods and caffeine. They seem to aggravate acne.

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