Thursday, December 17, 2009

How can you tell when your acne is really acne scars?

How can you tell if your acne is already scars or if it's just temporary acne?How can you tell when your acne is really acne scars?
If there is a flat red mark on your skin, then it is an acne scar. Or, if there is a crevice like mark that caves in then it is a scar. Neutrogena's Acne Mark fading peel is great for red marks and deeper scars.

Scars are usually temporary if they're red and they will fade. Pock marks, deeper scars, tend to not really fade but they can be improved with face wash that is specifically for improving the texture of skin, i.e. with beads or crystals.

Chemical peels are also great for improving the appearance of scars, which you can get at your dermatologist.How can you tell when your acne is really acne scars?
if it is flat to your face and just pink, it is a scar. if it is fresh, then it should fade over time. remember not to pick and mess with your acne, so you don't scar. buy vitamin e pills, pop them with a toothpick and rub the vitamin e on it a couple times daily, it helps to reduce the scar
Acne is caused due to the heat and dust which gets accumulate on the face. If this problem is not taken care of at the initial stage then it might get more worse. So, to fight acne talk to our experts find out what their solutions are for acne visit us today
acne scars developed when the acne is not healed or treated properly, here is more info on this鈥?/a>
It would be flat and pink, brownish or red.

They wouldnt hurt and they never change.

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