Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How do u remove acne scars and how do u remove the redness of pimples?

So I'm seriously going to break down and cry if my skin won't clear up in a month before skool. Most of my pimples r gone but they also keep coming back. There like red and dark so what should I do tht will show a major improvment in my skin please guys I'm begging for sumthing tht works thanks!!!How do u remove acne scars and how do u remove the redness of pimples?
Potatos. I know it sounds insane, but, if you cut up a potato in thin slices, and let the slice sit on your face until it dries up, and like, keep reapplying it, it makes the red scars fade. :)How do u remove acne scars and how do u remove the redness of pimples?
for acne scars Vitamin E oil is all good it eliminate scars. for pimples redness aloe vera gel is goood it calms red %26amp; great for acne prone skin making more soft silky healthy use it daily for better results use it like a mask 20 minutes 3 times a week
Here are some website that i hope will help you clear you skin

Here are things for acne scars




Redness of pimple remval



aww i know how it feels, trust me, go to a dermatoligist and don't pick at your pimples it only makes it worse and leaves scars. ask the dermatoligist any questions about your skin, there experts, they'll prescribe something for you.
hi there. i have/had some trouble with ance too. mostly on my forehead and chin. I seriously tried everything from popping to toothpaste to neutrogina (idk how to spell that) and proactive (the worst dont use it!!) But i went to walmart and got this stuff cause i was desperate. its called Clean%26amp;Clear Advantage. I was doubtful but i got it anyways. It was like $16. I opened it and it had a cleanser, moutrizer, and spot treatment. I used the spot treatment on a really red pimple on my chin and i swear on my life I totally felt it like lessen the moment i rubbed it in. I was in awwwwwwwwe. seriously. I feel like im someone in an infomercial (: lol. but seriously I used the spot treatment and my pimples went away then i used the cleanser and they havent come back since. Im telling you its worth $16. Might as well try it!!!!!! good luck. and dont worry we all go through it!!
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