Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How do you remove acne scars from the face please?

Does the cream 'Fade Out', available in the UK, work? Or is there something else? Thanks.How do you remove acne scars from the face please?
I used Fadeout for about a month or so - rubbish, did nothing for my scars/freckles (both of which it claims to fade) - only plus side is that it moisturises pretty well.

There's a product by civant skincare called Meladerm. Its pretty popular because its worked for so many people so I'd recommend taking a look at it: http://www.civantskincare.com

However, I used it religiously for many months but saw no change in my acne scars. But that was just my bad luck, it doesn't make the product a scam because it has genuinely worked wonders for loads of people.

There's also scarrepairex from pharmaclinix - it's ideal for scars like yours: http://www.pharmaclinix.com/scar-repaire鈥?/a>

Biooil is another (cheaper) option and many people say it worked well for their scars- I am about to try it myself actually: http://www.bio-oil-direct.co.uk/

Cocoa butter is good too, helps to blend the rough scar tissue to give a smoother skin.

Exfoliation is an important part of scar removal though as you want to keep renewing your skin by speeding up the shedding of old, dead skin cells so get yourself a good exfoliator that you can use once a week and then apply any your chosen treatment.

Hope that helped some, good luck =PHow do you remove acne scars from the face please?
Hello! I don't live in the UK so, i don't know about ';fade out';. But, i do use a scar ointment myself, called Mederma. Then i realized my problem wasn't going to go away just from this, so i use a Seb-Prev wash,MetroGel, and Differin cream, as a three step process. These were all recommended by my dermatologist, and therefore require a prescription. This gave me AMAZING results, and it even takes away redness ( it is essentially a rosacea cure.) Hope it works!
you can either try bio oil which is good but theres also the option of laser surgery on it its wer they zap your skin with a laser its really goo and you can get it fre through 5the nhs if you see your doctor the treatment provides better results and it doesnt hurt it tingles like pins and needles its seriously affective
id try bio oil its good for scars and really works, just use a tiny blob at a time and work it into your skin . you can buy it from superdrug or boots.
Laser treatments.
For women - just use foundation. Acne scars never go away - even Brad Pitt has them.
They will never fully leave but bio oil is worth a try
why not use whitening soaps or creams..

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