Monday, December 14, 2009

What can i do overnight to help clear my acne and acne scars?

I use Clean %26amp; Clear acne cleanser. It worked for about a month.. but I think it stopped working. Any home remedies I can use? Or any really good acne treatments?What can i do overnight to help clear my acne and acne scars?
Clean and clear is extremely gay, i hated it becuase it just made my acne worse. But the greatest stuff in the world just came out, Neutrogena came out with a 2 in 1 gel that does precisely clear your acne and acne scars. I'm extremely happy i switched from clean and clear to Neutrogena, you totally should tooWhat can i do overnight to help clear my acne and acne scars?
Use neosporin and a band-aid. Or go to walmart and buy Noxzema, it gets rid of dirt in your pores and leaves your face fresh and minty (mint helps keep your face clean and clear) Walmart has an off-brand of Noxzema called equate. There is a blue bottle and a white bottle. Get them both! Use the blue bottle and clean your face and then use the white bottle to keep your face moisturized! I am 19 and have never ever had a zit, this stuff works like a charm! Oh yeah, NEVER sleep with your make up on! For every week you don't take it off, it builds up and makes you look ten year older and your face looks very dry!
The combination of Tea Tree Oil soap and the Clindamycin cream is the best for Acne and pimple.

For acne scars and blemishes my wife use papaya kojic and licorice base soap and cream which are available online. These work wonders. Maybe it will work on you too. Try searching it through Google 'shopaholic's bargains'

toothpaste! toothpaste is a great home remedy for acne. just put it on the spot overnight and it helps to dry it out. also, you can dab on some listerine to prevent more infection.
Crushed asprin over a zit.

Works well.

Clearasil Extra Strength face pads work great. It may burn your pores until you get used to them..

Or proactive..
i hear vaseline works

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