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What gets rid of Older acne scars on my face?

I used to pick big holes in my face from acne and now have red scars all over my face. I don't do it anymore and my face is clear now, but I really want to get rid of the scarring. I've thought of trying things like miderma, but since they're older scars and on my face I don't know if that will work.What gets rid of Older acne scars on my face?
I used to have horrible acne I can't even tell you how bad it was. I found www.StopMyAcne.Info and bought it for like $20 and it seriously cured my acne.

Like seriously IT IS GONE. I don't even have ONE LITTLE PIMPLE!!!!

After using this I can't believe it's only $20 and after you use it you won't either haha

The trips I took to the dermatologist cost me WAY more than that lol and the CRAP they gave me just made my acne worse~!!!!! uhggg... lol

Oh and it also guarantees it will cure your acne in 3 days or your money back.

Anyway I hope this helps!

Love DianaWhat gets rid of Older acne scars on my face? Report Abuse

Depends on the scar. If you have deep scars then you can do a laser treatment like Fraxel which will 'damage' your skin to make it grow and regenerate. If they are very superficial scars and only ont he surface then you can use a AHA or glycolic peel, or a light treatment where they shine a light over you face and then the top layer of your skin will come off, or you can use other laser treatments like Medlite which will encourage cell turnover for superficial acne scars.

I have deep acne scars and even though you are recommended 5 sessions of Fraxel, I had one session and use an AHA cream, and my scars are become much more shallow and my pores have shrunk considerably. I highly recommend it for deep acne scars.
1Encourage your body to make new skin to replace the old scarred skin. Do this by exfoliating and literally sloughing off old skin with a fine scrub once a week, turning over newer more vibrant skin.

Step 2Make a habit of applying a light, non-oily moisturizer to keep your skin conditioned after every face wash and to aid in the skin鈥檚 ability to get over a scar by regenerating new skin.

Step 3Apply a skin lightening or bleaching cream to the scar every morning and every night. This won鈥檛 actually turn you skin pale, but it will gradually lighten the area to which it is applied. The over-the-counter products contain 2% of the active ingredient Hydroquinone. You should see visible results in about 2 weeks.

Step 4Condition your skin every week with 100% cocoa butter. Just rub the hard stick onto your face, and blend with your fingertips. Let it sit for about 20 minutes before wiping away, but don鈥檛 wash it off. Coca butter is great for evening out skin tone all over the body. Use it on your knees and elbow, too
I had big acne troubles too and after using Therasol acne system from an online retailer, Vital Solutions (Visol), that cleared up and I tried another product from - Peelife which is a microdermabrasion machine without the heavy price tag... It removed the ugly scars left behind my acne and helped motivate growth of new skin!

I really like the combination of products Visol has... Again, they are Therasol and Peelife.
maggie, dermatology nowadays is using more advanced technology treating acne scars. i guess you should ask a CERTIFIED dermatologist which treatment would suit you. it may be expensive but it will be all worth it.
Removing wrinkles by combining unique facial exercises with natural remedies and natural anti aging medicines. The results were absolutely amazing as they maintained their youthful appearance well into their 60鈥檚 %26amp; 70鈥檚.
take a look at
Here's an answer to acne problems
i think the only thing that will help is using cover-up

%26amp; makeup.

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