Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is the best makeup for covering acne scars?

Something that's not too expensive, I've never worn makeup before which is why I'm asking and my senior protraits are coming up.What is the best makeup for covering acne scars?
If you want to cover acne scars you need to use foundation with medium- to- full coverage. Light true blend or colorless foundation are not good enough to cover acne scars.

Try AVON Perfect wear extralasting liquid foundation (transfer-proof up to 12 hours). It is on sale now for $7.99 (reg.11.00)

You can order it from my online Avon store: www.OnlyAvon.com

Click on Shop Now and enter in search box product code ';062872'; (or contact me so I can help you to pick the right color for your skin).

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Hope this information was helpful.What is the best makeup for covering acne scars?
Well, Im 17 and I rarley have, even one Zit.

Probley , one about every month.

So I cant say Im Educated on This.


I know the very Expensive Powder Makeup kit with Like 7 Steps.

Is no Good.Because It will cover up hardly anything.

and there is no real brand that anyone can recommened you.

Im Sorry :(

But I have My own Suggestion..

I would put Liquid Makeup on the Scars.Brand: Maybeilene or h/e u spell it.

Then, I would get a Conceiler Brush, and get a Dark powder and put it over the Liquid Make up.Finally, I would Use a light Blush.

and It probley would still be a Little noticable, but as good as it gets.
use some foundation. it should help some. but if you have time, they make lotion now that will get rid of your scars or hide them. go to a convenient store likeWalgreen'ss or CVS and look for some. hope this helps. good luck.
Get Loreal tru blend its a foundation gets ur skin match and jus apply it evenly through out ur face itll make ur face sem one tone and fresh and clear

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