Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can horrible acne scars ruin your beauty and make you undateable?

I should be beautiful. I am tall, skinny and have an hourglass figure with big boobs. My hair has gotten me complements my whole life, my lips are full and my eyes are pretty. Sadly, horrible acne in my teenage years has left me with horrible untreatable scars. These aren't just a few little nicks but horrible cratered red splashes all over my entire face. Can I ever be considered pretty? Would you date or marry a person whose face is not easy on the eyes?Can horrible acne scars ruin your beauty and make you undateable?
You don't sound pretty even without the acne. I don't think that's the reason!Can horrible acne scars ruin your beauty and make you undateable?

if someone wouldn't date you simply because of some acne scars then to hell with them.

beauty is not just on the outside but on the inside too.

it's the scars that are making you self conscience and possibly inhibitting your ability to be at your prime in the dating sector.

p.s. talk to your dermatologist . . they have treatments to help reduce the scarring . 000
It really depends on the type of skin you have and what is causing your acne breakouts. There are a dozen treatments that promise the world but are really disappointing. Your best bet is to ask your dermatologist as they will know more about your specific condition.

I learned a lot about acne and actually found a way to get rid of it quickly from this squidoo lens:
I think that Loreal makes a pockmark filler that is supposed to work well. You can try a green concealer to counteract the redness under your foundation, if you wear make up. You are probably just fine as you are and if a guy doesn't want to date you for that reason alone then he might not be worth having afterall.
The scars will probably heal even more over time, and there are all sorts of creams, treatments and makeup for major skin issues. And either way, there are plenty of really good guys out there just waiting for someone like you. Guys like confidence and personality too.
I really think that people are loved for who they really are.

But, if it's making YOU feel bad, you should see a doctor. There are amazing treatments for those scars nowadays.

both me and my bf had some acne scars but that doesnt bother us.....as long as u guys like each other...nothing should matter
Send me a pic and ill be the judge of that
lets see a picture

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